Today I’m going to talk about how to stay committed to your goals.

I’m someone that not that long ago was dead broke, divorced, in personal foreclosure and not living a great life to now building the life of my dreams, building the business of my dreams, and having the relationship of my dreams.

First, I want to start with how to create worthy goals. Then I’m going to share with you the bigger question you need to be asking of yourself, not just what do you want, and then number three, I’m gonna share with you a mindset hack on how to get what you want faster.

All right, how do you create worthy goals?

First, if you’re someone- this is going to vary by person, but what really gets you jazzed? What gets you excited when you think about it? It is it impact? Is it money? Is it cars? Is it houses? What is it that is really exciting to you? Take the time to look at what are the things I would really love to have in my life and don’t justify why you can’t have them.

So, don’t say “well I’d love to be this but no one does that in my town or well I’d love to be this but I’m not influential.” Don’t worry about that.

Literally, if I looked at goal setting when I was dead broke, million dollars in debt, chased by bill collectors, if I looked at what was likely for me, it would have been the bottom of a bottle, it wouldn’t have been much else right then because I was heavily drinking, and very depressed.

Don’t look at what makes sense right now, look at what you actually want.

It’s very powerful for you to do that and take the time to really create that. For me, what gives me significance is impacting others and I say that very on purpose. I’m not like Mother Teresa where I’m hurting myself to help others. I do it because it makes me feel good, so I’m actually very selfish.

So, me helping you is actually selfish because it makes me feel good. It just so happens to help you and so I don’t have any problem with that word, the word selfish, right? I say it because I do things that make me feel good, it just so happens that teaching, training, consulting and helping others create breakthroughs in their life, that’s what gives me my juice.

Maybe for you that’s not the case, maybe you have something totally different, maybe for you it’s excitement or traveling or whatever. I know what gets my juices flowing, do you know what gets your juices flowing? Know that, and then you go from there to start creating those worthy goals associated with what really gets you excited.

What is the bigger question that you need to be asking yourself other than, what do you want?

Now first of all, what you want is a big deal. You do need to answer that so don’t get me wrong here. If you remember we actually do some work with foster care. I remember the very first time that my wife and I, went to a foster care home and we asked the kids (by the way they don’t know who we are, we’re just showing up t-shirt, shorts and whatever) “hey do you know what is it that you guys would like? “Do you know what you guys want?” They couldn’t answer it.

They literally didn’t even understand the question. “What do we want?” “What do you mean?” You know, what would make your stay here more enjoyable? What would be cool? I didn’t want to give them examples. I want to hear what they said and it just shows, most people they don’t think about what they want, they think about what they don’t want, right?

They wanted to be out of there. They wanted their mom and dad, we can’t provide that. They wanted different relationships.  It took them awhile but finally after many minutes, someone said well new board game would be nice and I had to hold back the tears. Because I know if I ask my daughter, she has 52 things that she wants at all times and she’s very happy to tell me.

You need to know what you want, but the bigger question is “who” do you need to be that would gain those things?

What does that look like? If your goal is to write a check for a million bucks for your favorite charity, who would you need to be to be able to do that? What would that look like? Well that means you would probably have a very profitable business. What does that look like? Who are you impacting? How are you showing up?

How are you known in the world? What problem are you solving and how do you feel about this experience, what does that look like?

So, who do you need to be is a very important question for you to dial in and really set the tone of how we’re going to move into this next step, which you’re going to need in order to be able to answer this.

What do I want, who do I need to be to attain those things right there.

So, what is the fast track to getting what you want and this is again, this is one of those things that I wish I would have learned earlier in life but it is taken the time to feel the emotions as if you’ve already accomplished all of those things that you want.

Let me give you an interesting example. A year ago last month, I bought dance lessons for my wife and I. We go in there and she’s of course, like everything she ever does, she’s amazing at it. She’s spinning and turning and she’s got perfect form and I’m just like Frankenstein, I’m just terrible and just so you know, that’s not an opinion.

There was a guy who was preparing for his lesson that came after mine and when I finished, which I felt I done pretty good, he comes up to me (he’s a new student) and goes “oh my god, I am so glad I saw you, I feel so much better.”

I’m like thanks, thanks buddy.

So deep humbling, I mean just pummeling of humble. So I’m going and I’m going to spend more time with my wife, that’s kind of the main focus.

Four months in, I still suck. I just suck. They’re like no, no, drag your toe and I’m just like stomping and it’s just terrible. So, I realized I’m not using any of my mindset power. I’m not doing any visualization, I’m not setting, I’m not doing anything, I’m just showing up and this is what I got and so I made a decision that I was going to change that.

So, I started visualizing myself and seeing myself through my eyes, not third party, that’s a big key, right? So, I’m wishing from, not of. So through my own eyes I’m seeing myself in the mirror, I’m seeing the reaction of other people saying I’m a good dancer. So I asked myself this question, which is very powerful for you to ask, how would I know that’s true?

What would that look like.  And so I saw my dance studio- one of the dance owners, she’s Russian and she says “very much improved.” I see my dance instructor say “wow, impressive.”

How would I feel and so I’m really living is this visioning of me being a better dancer. Now for four months I barely improved and I’m still terrible and so I go into the dance studio and I say hey, I just wanna let you know I’ve been letting my past and present you know dictate my dance abilities and as of today, I’m a better dancer and they’re like okay all right. I think they thought I was a little cuckoo.

Four days later, I do a salsa move and Irina, the dance studio owner, goes very much improved. I do another move and Victoria, my dance instructor says wow, impressive.

This last weekend of the recording of this video, my wife and I went to competition, we competed in championships, we came in first in rumba and cha-cha, In our division. And so I’m telling you right now there’s magic in this, of you seeing yourself as the person you want to be, feeling the emotions as if it is present tense.

This is something I’ve learned from many people, one of them being Neville Goddard. This is the hack, this is the mindset hack to stop focusing on what you don’t want or what you don’t have or the difference between where you think you should be versus where you are. See yourself as already being there, being that person, feeling the emotion, and start walking around as if you are that person and watch magic show up in your life.

I want to help you out and I’m going to help you out with a free consultation.

Maybe you need help around these goals. Maybe you’re not sure what is it should you be setting as a goal, maybe you’re not sure how to you know get to those goals, maybe you need some help with mindset.

We have a free consultation where you can hop on the phone with us, ask us a few questions and we’re going to answer those questions. We are going to share some of our other services that we provide which you may or may not be interested in but at minimum, we want to help you get to where you want to go. Click the link down in the description, it is a free consultation. There’s no you know no hard selling or anything crazy but if you need help toward attaining and creating the goals for your life, we want to help you out. We’ve done this with thousands and thousands of other students and we’d love to help you.

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