If you have a broken relationship with a family member or friend, it can cause a lot of baggage that may keep you from achieving the success you are working towards.

Since today is Father’s Day, I’m sharing a story of my relationship with my own father in hopes that it will inspire you to move forward.

Moving Forward By Mending Broken Relationships With Family Members

See, a few years ago I was struggling BIG time. Lost it all and was in foreclosure. I was desperately seeking to make it out of the hole I was in. After attending a seminar, I realized that I was holding on to some HEAVY baggage. It was preventing me from getting the level of success that I wanted.

And, that one HUGE thing that was holding me back was the guilt of not reaching out to my father. 13 years and I hadn’t seen him.

I have shared this story many times from stage and it has had varying effects on many people. In the audio below is my story. Here’s a different perspective that I’ve never shared. I hope this helps you out.

Be willing to forgive. Be willing to seek possibility, but don’t be addicted to the outcome. I hope that this helps you look at your relationships. If the relationship is important to you, I would encourage you to reach out sooner rather than later. Because, there may be a time when you can’t.

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Here are 2 of our listeners who have reached out to us with similar stories:

Also, after not seeing my dad for 13 years, here’s the note I wrote to him.

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