Are you wondering how to manifest money into your life?

Let me show you how.

First, I’m going to share with you two extremely important quotes to really help you wrap your mind around how the law of attraction actually works. Next, I’m going to share with you what to do right now if you’re really struggling with money. Lastly, I’m going to give you my two surefire ways to attract more money into your life.

Two Important quotes.

First, let’s dive into these quotes. Both of them actually come from a gentleman named Neville GoddardNeville Goddard, was teaching this kind of stuff in the 50s and 60s, I believe he passed away in 72. Originally from Barbados, he did a lot of training in the new New York area. He is someone that I’ve learned a lot from, I never got to learn live, but I’ve watched so much of his stuff and listened to so much of his stuff, I should say. He’s incredible.

The first one is, “you attract who you are, not what you want.” That’s a very powerful quote, if you can really embrace it. “Who you are,” what does that mean? That means you’re a combination of your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions. That’s what you’re always attracting, not just the “what you want”, right? It is important for you to be setting intentions of what you want in your life. You should be doing this all the time. I’m constantly setting an intention. If I’m going to speak at an event, I ask myself, “what do I want out of this event? What do I hope happens?” I’m constantly setting intentions.

If I’m setting an intention, but I’m like, “yeah, right, that’ll never happen…” Oh, okay… Well, that’s who I actually am. There’s a difference between what you want and who you are. If you’re someone that looks at anyone with more money than you specifically and you think, “oh, they have more money than me…good for them.” Right? If you’re negative to people who have more money then you, then that’s who you areYou are someone that is repelling money away from you. You would never consciously do that, but by holding the beliefs and the emotions that you have, that’s exactly what you’re doing. If you’re quick to point out who has a lot of money, “but they’re probably unhappy at home.” If you’re there to point out all the wrong things about people with more money or they barely pay taxes, right? (Because the government uses tax money so well, right.) If you’re someone that’s there to pull down people with lots of money, the only thing you win is the prize of not having more money. That’s no fun.

Because with more money, you can do more good. With more money, you could hire better tutors for your kids, you could give more to your favorite charity, you could help your favorite church more, you could help your favorite cause with more money, you can do more good. You should never be opposed to others, including yourself having more money.

The second quote is also from Neville Goddard“anytime your wish is in conflict with your feeling, the feeling will always be the victor.” Now this is a very similar quote, but it hones in on feelings and emotions. One thing that you should understand is whatever emotions you’re holding on to, you’re going to experience more things like that. If you’re quick to get angry, then you’re going to have more things…the law of attraction is going to guarantee that you have more things that you get angry about. If you are someone that’s constantly fighting, injustice and wrongdoing and unfairness then congratulations, that’s what you’re going to experience more. Instead you need to become a warden of your emotions and start to experience more of what you actually want.

Now one of the tools that helps me is what I call, joy totems. I have these memories (most of them are with my kids) things that really made me smile. Whether it was my daughter running across the backyard yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” or my two year old son playing peekaboo. I have those memories in my head and anytime I’m feeling a little down I’ll call upon those because I know if I’m feeling negative, I’m just going to attract more things that are negative or more things that make me feel more negative. Instead I want to shift gears. I want to change that vibration to attract more of the things that I actually want.

Here’s what to understand if you’re really struggling with money right now. Your reality is everything out there including your bank account, the status of your bills, your checking account, savings account, all the things around money and honestly everything…relationships, etc. Everything around you is because of who you’ve been up till now. If you’ve been the person opposed to people having more money, or you’ve been the person that is noticing all the challenges in your life and all the things in your life you don’t like then you have co created the reality in front of you right now. The truth is whether you realize that or not, you’ve co created the reality in front of you. Vadim Zealand says that, “your reality is a slow moving mirror reflection of what’s inside of you, your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions.” We are constantly co creating the reality around us based on what’s inside of us. For us to change what’s outside of us, we have to focus on what’s inside of us. What are our beliefs? What are our thoughts? What are our emotions… emotions being the most important thing? Hal Elrod, (he has a great quote out there) says, “your current reality is based on who you were, your future is going to be based on who you are becoming.”

Who are you becoming?

Who is it that you actually want to be?

Do you want to experience abundance?

Do you want to experience wealth?

Well, then you need to be moving more in congruence with a person that would have wealth.

I remember I heard Dr Joe Dispenza, he had a lady come up to him. She said, “I’ve been trying to do this law of attraction thing and I’ve been thinking about a husband and thinking about a nice house in Arizona and thinking about this or that and none of that’s happened.” He replied, (I thought it was a little tough but absolutely true.) “Well, you just don’t seem like someone that would have those things.” Right? You attract who you are, not what you want. Here she was wanting these things, but she was not vibrationally the person that would have those things. Are you the person that should have those things? Are you the person that should have more money? This is a very big deal.

Yet another Neville Goddard quote is not focusing on what you want is how you prepare for its reception. This brings me back to the story of Moses. Moses, when he led his people into the desert, and they were praying for rain, and they built a golden calf, right. They’re trying everything they can to get rain. He asks him, “Oh, praying for rain?” “We have been praying and praying and praying, and we built this golden calf….” He said, “Well, if you’re praying for rain, where are the ditches? Where are the ditches?” You see, it’s not what you pray for. It’s not what you wish for. It’s how you prepare for its reception. Most people, they’ll wait for the rain to dig the ditches. That’s not how it works. You need to prepare for the reception of the thing that you want, before it actually shows up. You need to become incongruent with your reality, then your reality will follow because reality is the slow moving mirror reflection of what’s inside of you.

Do this next.

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Here are two practices to help you attract more money, get more money, make more money.

Let’s go.

Practice number one, I want you to start to notice, when do you feel bad especially about money? When do you feel bad? When do you catch it? When do you notice it? Start becoming more aware of your feelings and emotions around money. When you have that, looking at the bill, and you’re like, “oh God, I didn’t know, the credit card bill was this bad?” Hey, I’ve been there. I’ve been broke twice in my life. I know what it’s like. I’ve used WIC checks. I know what that looks like… little block of cheese, the 16 ounce block of cheese. I still remember those days. I’m not so far removed that I forget what it’s like to pay everything late. I understand that. The next time you’re looking at the bills, you’re looking at the bank account, or you’re just noticing that you’re feeling bad about money, I want you to do this extremely powerful exercise. This is an exercise that one of my mentors, Satyagraha taught me, and it changed the game for me. It is very powerful. When you’re feeling bad, I want you to not suppress it like most people do. Right? And most gurus say only talk positively, right? I better not say this negative thing. Well, actually suppression is what’s causing you more harm. You’re actually storing more energy in the body of a negative nature than then if you would express it. Now, I don’t want you to stop at expressing your negativity that would probably be cataclysmic to you.

Here’s what you do.

This is an exercise where you’re standing up, eyes closed and you go counterclockwise very slowly, don’t spin out of control and get dizzy, right? But stand up, eyes closed, go counterclockwise. I want you to exhaustively express all of your concerns, fears, worries…what are you most afraid of? Get it out of your system. Just say it. “I’m broke, I don’t have any money, I’m going to go into foreclosure, I’m going to go bankrupt.” All the things that are terrifying you that you’re afraid you would never want anyone else to hear. You can say mentally by the way, you exhaust it out of your system, every major thing… “my dad will say I’m a failure...” all that stuff, right? Exhaustively get out of your system. Then stop, eyes closed, and go clockwise in the direction of creation, right? If you look at trees, it’s always clockwise. Conch shells, everything in nature grows clockwise, right? Even crop circles… weird enough, right? Clockwise is the direction of creation, I want you to go clockwise. Now, when you’re going counter, as you express a fear or something you’re worried about, see it dissolve. See that picture, dissolve whatever pictures coming up for you see it dissolve, then stop, go the other direction, go clockwise, and express what you actually want? What’s your highest and best as hard as you went? exhaustively, all the things you don’t want? Go as hard as you can with what you actually want? Do you want that brand new house, that brand new car, don’t think about your current circumstances, focus on what it is that you actually want? Go clockwise, slowly, and express all the things that you want. Now you can do this in any area of your life, and you will see changes you absolutely will, I’ve done it for so many different things.

I remember there was a time where my daughter really didn’t want to play with me. I started doing this exercise just for my relationship with my daughter. All of a sudden, one day, my wife asks her, “hey, hey, Sabrina, what’s your favorite thing to do?” She said, “play with daddy.” This was after like a week of doing this exercise. I never would have imagined her saying that because she went through this period where she just didn’t want dad around. You can do this, I’ve done it with money. I’ve done it with all kinds of different things. You can do it too.

The second exercise is very important before you go to bed. Visualize having the things you want in your life and really conjure up the emotions. The two questions you should ask is, “How would it feel if I had that thing? Or if I was that person,” Right? Number two, “how would I know it’s true?” So if you had that new house, who would come over and say, “Oh, my goodness, what an amazing house. I can’t believe you did this. Wow. Congratulations.” How would that go? How would you know it’s true? Who would say things to you? Right? And what would they say? What would that look like? What would social media look like if all of a sudden you got that brand new car you’ve always wanted, right? Whatever. It doesn’t have to be a car or a house. It can be whatever you want. How would I feel? How would I know it’s true? You do those two exercises, you do them every day for seven days, you’re going to see a big shift in your life.

One more thing.

Now one of the bridges to getting more of the things you want in your life is gratitude. We have this very powerful gratitude journal that will force you to create more gratitude in your life. Guess what, whatever emotion you’re holding on to, you are going to experience more of that emotion. Gratitude is one of the best emotions to focus on. We teach you how in our gratitude journal. Here is the link,… if you would like to check it out. I know it will really help you out.

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