Today we’re going to talk about how to make quantum leaps in your network marketing business.

First I’m going to share with you why you’re stuck. Next, I’m going to share with you the actual tactics to grow your business. Lastly I’m going to share with you the one trick to grow fast.

Why am I stuck? 

Okay so I know I told you that I was going to share with you the number one reason that you’re stuck…..but there’s actually two. Okay so bonus. Bonus stuck.

Number one.

You’re stuck because you’re not consistent and it’s not that you’re lazy, it’s actually much deeper. The reason that you’re not consistent (that’s if you’re reading this post…I can’t make this claim of everybody) but if you found this post with this topic then I know why you’re not consistent. It is because you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on a prior observation you made as a kid. What? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Let me give you a quick example. I can give you a million of these….we have over 20 hours of me coaching people through this exact process. If you’d like to see some of those replays for free, just drop me a comment and let me know. Here’s how it works. If you saw your parents or a parent make a lot of money and lose it, you very well and very likely created a program in your unconscious that says “if I become successful, it’s just going to go away.You will sabotage ever reaching your potential. This is the whole concept of “if you’re so scared of falling off a mountain, just never climb it.What you will find (if that’s you) is you will go in a pattern like this…. You will start doing well which will make you start feeling more stressed out and more nervous. Then you will say you will take the pressure off by quitting that job or quitting that career or going to a different business and starting from scratch.

Your career will look like this, if that’s you. You will always remain under a baseline. This baseline is something you created, not consciously. This is something that whatever your version of success, is if you cross it, “oh my god, that’s when I’m going to lose it all.…” and “my parents were ridiculed..” and “this and that….” so you will just stop.

What’s interesting is I’ve seen this very close up. My wife, her mom was very wealthy and was doing really, really well and then lost it all. So one interesting thing that I observed from my relationship with my wife is when I was dead broke in personal foreclosure, we were full of joy, no problems. As we started making more money, she got more stressed out…. I’m like “what the heck?”

There are all these things that we observed as kids. Whether it was we were betrayed or abandoned or ignored. If you had successful parents that ignored you then it’s very likely that you believe success means ignoring your kids. You would never do that because you don’t want your kids to feel the same way.

There’s a lot of ways to work on this issue. This is a deep thing but it’s not that you’re lazy. So, rest assured in that…’s because you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success. The big statement here (because I could talk on this for 10 hours) is know that what happened to you in the past doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Just because your parents lost it all or your parents ignored you or your parents abandoned you……doesn’t mean that that’s what’s going to create you and make you do the same thing. So that’s number one.

Number two.

You’re focused on all the stuff you don’t want in your life right now. I know, I know you’re thinking “hey, Ray.” I’m just telling it like it is…..well, “tell it like it is…keeps it like it is.” “Justifying where you are keeps you where you are.”

You have to start seeing hope.

You have to start seeing new things show up in your life.

You have to start seeing a vision of you in a different version of who you currently are (which is always possible).

If I dwelled so much on how miserable and depressed I was when I was dead broke and in personal foreclosure, I’d still be dead broke and in personal foreclosure. I know friends that lost it all that are still there, they’re still vibrationally dead broke, in foreclosure or bankruptcy or whatever. You have to start seeing yourself better, in a better position than you are currently despite your senses.

That one two punch….if you understand those two things, you could very easily get unstuck.

What are the tactics to grow your business?

Okay so we started with the deep stuff first….but what are the actual tactics to grow your business? It’s actually really simple. I didn’t say it’s easy, there’s a difference. Example…hit a ball with a bat, that’s simple, hit a 98 mile an hour fastball with a bat, not easy. The concept is simple, take this, hit that. Not easy, simple.

There are two ways of building your business: marketing and prospecting.

Prospecting is you reaching out to an individual to see if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity. Could be text message, direct message, a phone call, face-to-face, that’s you one-on-one reaching out to an individual in some way, shape or form.

Marketing is doing something you hope an unnamed individual will see and then react or respond. That could be a Facebook live, TikTok, Instagram reel, Facebook reel, whatever. It could be a billboard or a flyer at the local coffee shop. All of that is marketing, you’re doing something for an unknown person or persons to hopefully react to it.

If you want to build your business, I would highly suggest you start doing a combination of those two things to build the ultimate dictator of what you make in network marketing, which is your pipeline. Your pipeline is how many people you’re reaching out to, how many people you following up with, how many appointments are you setting, how many videos are you sending out, how many follow-ups are you doing et cetera. That is the holy grail of you making money in network marketing or not.

So how many people you’re reaching out to, how many are you following up with et cetera is a dictator. I want to give you a little understanding of follow-up. I hear so many people say oh, I’m just not good at follow-up like it’s some kind of genetic disorder or something. You know the doctor pulled you out and said “this one’s not going to be good at follow-up.” No, this is a skill that you build. You need to understand something…..the reason you’re not good at follow-up is because you’re more concerned on how you look than possibly making a difference, making an impact or possibly making some revenue. I know that’s ooh, selfish and greedy to talk about but it’s a fact, right? I willingly buy stuff every day that makes my life better and easier so do other people, so get over it. Get over yourself. When you follow up they may say “no” to you as well. But here’s the thing I’ve noticed….You can suck at sales but be good at follow-up and make plenty of money.

How much marketing and prospecting are you doing? At the end of the day here’s how you know if you’re going to make a quantum leap in your network marketing business. How many people each week are you asking if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity, that’s the dictator. If you look back at last week and it’s a big fat zero then you’re making what you should be making.  “Ouch, dang, Ray, you’re so mean,” right? I’m just telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear and I hope that helps.

Before I get to my last and very powerful point….I want to hear from you.

Why do you think you struggle with consistency? I would love to hear it, because maybe I can help you. Maybe you tell me because there’s a very likely scenario that in the hundreds of live coaching sessions that I’ve done, I’ve encountered your situation….so drop me a comment. I read and respond to every single comment and I’d love to help you.

What’s the one trick to grow fast?

All right, I’m going to give you one marketing trick to grow fast. I’ve been a full-time marketer for 16 years. I was trained on AdWords back in the day and have done SEO. I’ve done every type of marketing you can think of….I mean before we were spending a dime on advertising, we were generating over 3,000 leads a month organically for free. I’ve done every type of marketing that exists and I can tell you right now we’re in an amazing era of marketing.

The dominant player in marketing right now is the short video.

TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels but I’m going to tell you specifically “why.” TikTok was the initiator of this phenomenon that we’re living right now. What I mean by that is they altered the algorithm. Facebook, how it’s always worked is you post something, it shows it to a few people that know you, that are connected to you, friends with you etc. and if it does well, they’ll show it to a few more but they’ll never show it to even 100% of the people that know you.

You have never had a post on Facebook be seen by a hundred percent of your friends that you’re already friends with….that’s how algorithms worked prior to TikTok. TikTok says “hey, who might like this?” whether they know you or not. This is why I see non-influencers go over to TikTok and have a video with a hundred thousand views, a million views.

We have one of our students (who is not a huge influencer) she has a video right now on Facebook reels with 10 million views. Crazy. Do you know what it takes to get 10 million views? I mean we spend 50 to $100, 000 a month in Facebook ads, we’ve never had a video do that with all the money we’ve poured into it. It’s crazy that she did it for free.

By the way after TikTok, Facebook kind of caught on and said “hey wait a minute, maybe we need to change our algorithm” so they’ve altered the algorithm for Instagram reels and Facebook reels. I know not every country has Facebook reels but the bottom line is…. if you want the most likely scenario of your stuff being seen by people that don’t know you and being shown to a larger audience, you have to get into the short videos.

You have to start doing them, they’re not that difficult, don’t be intimidated by them. That is the way for you to get in front of more people that don’t know you. If you’ve ever felt like your friends and family are ignoring you or you’ve run out of people to talk to, you have to get “in” on the short video phenomenon that we’re living right now.

I want to help you with this whole short video phenomena. We have the three-step launch process to crush it on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels. It is a free training and you can actually register by clicking this link

If you want to get better (and I’m telling you right now 16 years full-time marketer, I’ve never seen anything like it) this is the most likely way for you to get more people reaching out to you than anything you could possibly do. So I highly suggest that you register for the free training. You’re going to absolutely love it.

Ray Higdon

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