Today we are going to talk about how to make money as a side hustle.

First I want to help you with “what” to do if you want to make money as a side hustle….even if you really don’t have any idea of what you should be selling or what you should be doing. Next I want to share with you the alternative to time management that will actually help you create more results. Lastly I want to share with you how to greatly increase the speed of your success.

A little background.

I want you to know my quick background. I had worked my way up in the corporate world to a pretty high paying salary and I decided I wanted to leave there. I had used my available time while working to build a side hustle that became my main hustle. I’m just letting you know that it’s possible I’ve experienced it. That was 16 years ago…..I haven’t had a job in 16 years. It is absolutely possible and totally worth it. I love having my time and the freedom to make my choices and not ask for permission.

You are definitely on a great path if you’re wanting to create a side hustle and make some extra money. Quite frankly, a lot of people lose their jobs unexpectedly. Sometimes companies don’t manage their money right and they have to close. I think it’s smart for almost everybody to have a side hustle anyway.

Let’s dive in!

I wanted to touch on….”what if you’re looking for a side hustle and you don’t yet have one or you’re not sure what you can do to make some extra money.”  Well, there’s a lot of options out there… right? You could start a podcast and start interviewing people and build up a humongous following over an extended period of time and maybe make some money (which is the same with YouTube etc.).

My suggestion is this, if you don’t have a great idea or an invention or something you’re already super passionate about you may consider network marketing. I am not in a network marketing company. It used to be one of the things that I did in in my career prior to being a coach and trainer. Network marketing was amazing….. I did the work and I made millions of dollars from doing network marketing. 

“Why” do I like this for people who don’t have a great idea or an invention? It is very low risk, low overhead and a lot of the stuff you would have to figure out, is already figured out for you. Supply chain, management, trademarks, patents, ingredients, compensation…..all that stuff is figured out for you in network marketing.

You just have to figure out how to get it in front of people. You have to learn the things you would have to learn in any other kind of business anyway. You have to learn how to get in front of people, marketing, prospecting, recruiting, sales, closing…..and those are skills that again you’re going to need in any business that you ever start. Why not let the rest of it be figured out for you.

If you do have a great idea or an invention then run with it. What’s stopping you? Keep rocking and rolling!  But if you don’t, you may consider network marketing.

What is the alternative to time management?

Whatever it is that you’re doing you need to come up with a solid daily routine. I’m going to talk about time management versus what I suggest….which is activity management. Take a look at whatever it is that you’re doing, whether it’s network marketing, cutting people’s hair, massages, whatever it is that you’re doing as a side hustle and ask yourself this question. “What would make success inevitable?” and apply that in a daily routine…activity wise. What activities if you did each and every day would make success inevitable. Look at activity, not result.

Let’s say you’re a masseuse…what would make success inevitable? Well if you were constantly capturing testimonials of every person you gave a massage to and posting those on social media. If you were reaching out to people that you know or possibly even people that you don’t know and letting them know about your services. Maybe you came up with a number….maybe it’s 20 reach out a day or 30 reach out a day. You can crack the code of what activity if I did it would create success and then do it, but manage it by activity not time.

I know people that are like “I spent eight hours on Facebook today.” What did you actually do? Did you send messages? Did you create marketing? A lot of times they just scrolled and that’s not very good. That’s not going to help you build your business. Instead do more activity management. What kind of marketing did you do? Did you create a tick tock or an Instagram reel or Facebook reel? Did you do a Facebook live? Did you reach out to people and tell them what it is that you offer (whether it’s weight loss, personal training, massage, hair cutting….whatever).

Activity management starts the question of….”what” activities if you did each and every day would make success inevitable.

Before we get to my last point I would love to hear from you. What is your side hustle or do you not have one yet? I just love entrepreneurs and I love hearing great stories! Tell me what you are doing to make some extra money on the side. Drop me a comment, I read and respond to every single comment.

How do you increase the speed of your success? 

How do you greatly increase the speed of your success? There are two factors to speed. One is the level of activity. I really believe there’s something that is more important than the level of activity (if you don’t do any activity then it’s not going to work so activity is important) but there’s a certain thing that really impacts speed and that is your perspective. What are you focused on? What is your mindset?

I want to give you some examples. Here is what most people do…. they have been trained since birth whether it’s from Hollywood, the media, parents, whatever….they notice, dwell, spend attention and energy on all the things they don’t want in their life. They notice that they’re not making enough money. They notice that everything’s a struggle. They notice that people are rejecting them or things aren’t working out or they’re not where they want to be in life. They’re frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed etc.

You have to start to move into a different vibration.  One where you are paying attention to where you want to be and what you actually want in your life. If you want to speed up your success start having emotions that are congruent with how you would feel if your wish was already fulfilled.

An example of this is, if you say “I will be wealthy” well “I will be wealthy” means you’re not currently.

You have to actually check into a vibration and an emotion level of “you are wealthy.”

Here’s how you kind of trick your mind to do that…..You start to see yourself as already wealthy or whatever your goal is..(successful, full-time, whatever the thing is) how would you feel if that were true? Then how would you know that it is true? Now this is a denying of the senses….so this is a “I’m not going to pay so much attention or so much emotion to what’s not in my bank account because I’m going to spend time up here to see myself at the level of bank account that I actually want.”

What would that feel like? How would I know it’s true?

I would know it was true because then I would do these “things.” I would hear these “things” from other people.

It’s you actually creating almost like a fantasy land in your mind to give your subconscious the type of emotion that you want propagated.

Where did I learn this?

These are things that I’ve learned from many gurus over the years. Most notably a gentleman named Neville Goddard. Neville Goddard passed away in (I believe) 1972. He taught this powerful process of “how” to really see what you wanted as if it was already here. You already held it and you already had attained it. This is a very powerful way of being and it’s one of the toughest ways for people to think because they’re not used to it. You have to build the muscle. Build the muscle of seeing yourself where you want to be prior to it actually happening and that will dictate a faster rate of accomplishment.

I know that maybe sounds like a lot, but we have a lot of training around this on our YouTube channel. I’m telling you that is one of the biggest dictators of speed.

If you’re starting your journey with your side hustle or trying to start your journey with a side hustle and would like to get one-on-one coaching from our company, then click this link and you’ll be taken to an application. We want to understand “what” it is that you’re looking for and how we can possibly help you. At minimum you’ll get a strategy session to give you specific and personal advice on what to do in your situation. We will also explain to you what our options are with coaching and if that’s something you want to move forward with….move forward! You will get a free strategy session to tell you how to go from where you currently are….to where you want to go!

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