Today I’m going to share how to make a daily routine for yourself.

I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish but the first thing that I’m going to share is the daily routine that I created to build a multi-million dollar business from home. Next, I’m going to share how to match your daily routine with your goal/goals to see if they’re congruent or not. Lastly we are going to dive into why you are not consistent.

What is the daily routine I created?

This is really going to help you out. I know it will because I have coached thousands of people through this process. The daily routine that made me my first million dollars from home is just three steps.

I wanted to grow in a network marketing business and I was starting from a bad position. I lost everything in real estate with the real estate market crash of 2008, 2009. Network marketing was the option that I chose. No one was hiring around me, my credit was shot and I didn’t have any brilliant ideas or inventions…….so I joined a network marketing company. The thing is…I really wanted to crush it. There were three things that I did on a daily basis.

Number one, I set a “no” goal to get 20 no’s a day. Now that’s pretty intense. It is a lot of effort because you can’t reach out to 20 people and get 20 no’s. You’re going to have to reach out to 50 people, maybe even 100 people to get 20 no’s. Some people say maybe or let me think about it  and some people don’t respond at all (which is a lot of them), but I wanted to get 20 no’s a day.

I was asking the question “are you open to taking a look at what I’m doing to make extra money on social media?” and I was collecting those like crazy.

The theory and idea behind having a no goal, is safety in numbers and law of averages. If you speak to a lot of people and you ask them a question, the more people you ask, the more likely you are to get a yes. I did get some yeses along the way. Yay!! right? The point of the no goal is to reduce your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection. The more that you can embrace the concept that you’re going to get rejection (I don’t care how good you are or how bad you are) you’re going to get rejection. Loosen your emotions around feeling bad over getting rejected and that will increase your chances of success, if building a business or making money with any kind of sales product is your goal. 

The second thing that I did was I started doing a video a day. On July 15th of 2009, I started doing one video a day. I did a video a day believe it or not for over 12 years without missing a day. I know a little crazy. My whole thing was me putting out a ton of videos would eventually lead to  someone….somewhere seeing these things and would reach out to me and want more information. Possibly want to work with me or want to purchase my stuff.  That was my marketing side, doing a video, putting it out there hoping to attract people to me.

This didn’t work overnight. In fact the first four months, I had hardly any results from my videos but at the end of that fourth month, I actually had someone reach out to me. That one individual helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars. One lead from YouTube helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars, pretty amazing.

The third thing that I did in my daily routine was self-development. I’m someone that had lost it all in the real estate crash, I was dead broke in personal foreclosure and I was not in the greatest mindset and I really needed to improve these things. Every single day, I was either reading a chapter in a book or I was listening to audio while I walked around my neighborhood. Really working on my mindset and my skill set so that I could show up more powerfully each and every day.

Those are the three things that help me make over my very first million dollars from home and helped me become a number one income earner in a network marketing company. If business and money are one of your goals, I would encourage you to embrace those three things. This can be applied in any sales scenario and you will make more money.

How do you match your goals with your daily routine?

There’s actually one question…..that question is “will this make success inevitable?” What’s your goal? Is it six pack abs? Is it make a million dollars? Is it to be featured on a certain podcast? What is your goal? We are going to define the completion of that goal as success.

Now turn your head the other way and ask yourself “will the daily routine that I’m currently executing make the success, the completion of this goal inevitable?” If not, then you need to adjust something. You either need to adjust your goal down or you need to adjust your daily routine up.

For example let’s say that you want to get in really, really ridiculously great shape. Well would going to the gym be a daily routine or possibility? I think so. Would being mindful of what you eat each and every meal be a part of that routine? Most likely. You have to look at what am I doing every day and if I continue to do this thing, does that make the success of this goal just really really likely or absolutely going to happen.

You see when I share that I went for 20 no’s a day, did a video a day and did self-development every day, no one is shocked that that worked. “Oh my god, that worked?” “Huh, who would have guessed?” No one says that. Everyone’s like “yeah, that’ll do it.

What routine if executed would have you say “yeah, that’ll do it” because that’s what you need to be executing or you need to adjust your goal down. Now….no one talks about this. Everyone tells you “you have to hustle, you have to grind”, well maybe the goal that you set you’re not at the level of belief that you can ever hit and if that’s the case, it’s actually not very healthy.

Lowering your goal is okay, because guess what? You can always adjust once it accomplished. If you have a goal of making a hundred thousand dollars a year from home but you’re not making anything right now……. Maybe set a goal of making ten thousand dollars a month and once hit then change it to thirty thousand or fifty thousand or whatever that number is for you.

Lowering your goal shouldn’t bring you shame….especially if your goal is really, really high and you’ve never come close to that. You adjusting one or the other is actually very healthy because most of the time someone has a goal way up here and their daily routine is way down here. They will never match up. You have to adjust something. You can adjust it by asking yourself “will this daily routine make the success and completion of this goal inevitable?”

I would love to hear from you. I’m always looking for tweaks to my daily routine. Some of my daily routine now is I meditate every day and I do planks. I do certain things, I do a mental workout which may sound a little strange……but I do different things on a daily basis. I would love to hear from you…what are you doing on a daily basis? What is your coveted daily routine that you do each and every day that is helping you reach your goals? Drop me a comment, I read and respond to every single comment and I’d love to see and maybe get some ideas from what you’re doing.

Lastly why aren’t you consistent? This is a deep question, it really is. You may think that you’re not consistent because you’re just lazy, you’re a quitter, you do a lot of quitting…….that’s actually not the case. If you’re reading a blog like this, it’s not because you’re lazy. It’s because you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success (the completion of a goal). You’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to the completion of a goal based on a prior observation you made as a kid.

I remember reading in Marianne Williamson’s book. I think it’s called Return To Love, and she said that a lot of (specifically females), females that have been through unfortunate trauma or unfortunate sexual abuse, sometimes they will gain weight. Because in their unconscious mind, if they’re at a heavier weight, they don’t feel good about their body, they don’t feel pretty. That’s actually a protection mechanism against them ever having that same kind of abuse.

Now that you know is a very powerful way for you to understand habits and how people show up because your program that was created from past observations is a protection mechanism. If you drew the conclusion that well, if I have a really good body I could possibly go through trauma again, then you will absolutely find yourself sabotaging your diet, sabotaging your workouts, sabotaging other things. If you’re someone that had successful parents who are very well-off but they ignored you, didn’t give you the love that you wanted, then you may find yourself sabotaging financial success because you never want your kids to feel that way.

These are unconscious decisions. These are things that are deeply rooted and by the way, forgiving people whether it was an abuser, a parent or someone that just made you feel bad as a kid, forgiving people is a good practice. Doesn’t fix the program.

The program was created and is there until you become aware of it. Until you become defiant to how it’s ruling over you, how it’s protecting you…..because your program that prevents you from being consistent is not there to prevent you from reaching your potential (although it does that) it’s there to protect you.

This is something that I dive very deeply into in a lot of my live coaching. I’ve actually coached over 200 people live and walked them through “how” to solve this kind of issue. Just know that you can stop blaming yourself, stop beating yourself up for not being consistent. It’s because of a program that you have and you can actually figure it out.

I want to help you figure this out because this is what absolutely transformed my life.

We have taken some of our what we call breakthrough coaching sessions and we’ve put them on a page that you can watch for free. I’m going to share that link here…..

If you are really struggling with the question, “what is my program, why am I not consistent, what observation did I make as a kid that’s slowing me down,” click the link above. You’ll be taken to a page, you don’t have to opt into it, you can just watch some of the sessions and you’ll see me coach people from all walks, all races, all ages on how to figure out their program and how it’s absolutely transformed a lot of people. Feel free to click that link.

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