Trying to determine the Silver Dollar Coin Value?

Well, there are two main types of coins when it comes to silver or gold and that is bullion or numismatic. A bullion silver dollar coin value is strictly at the value of the amount of metal whereas a numismatic coin is valued at the value of the precious metal plus the premium value placed on the condition it is in. When it comes to the numismatic silver dollar coin value, Ms-70’s carry the premium value. When you are wanting to get your silver dollars graded and certified you send them to a company such as ANACS, PCGS or NGC and they estimate about 1-9% of them will come back as Mint State 70 or MS-70. Ms-70’s carry a premium silver dollar coin value above even their MS-69’s counterpart. This video will teach you and show you how to distinguish the two.

Ray Higdon

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