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How to Have a Great Week!

On Our Last Cruise We Won

On Our Last Cruise We Won

Here is how to have a great week even if last week sucked! Follow the steps and smile all the way!

Forget the Past!

Regardless of whenever you read this, quite simply, forget the past week, it is not serving you to dwell on it.

Maybe you planned to eat right, exercise, call prospects, create content of promotional material and you did the exact opposite in every category…so what! Forget the past or you can never create this awesome week ahead of you!

Get a Great Start to the Week

I love to start my days off with two things, 1. Education and 2. Exercise. You can accomplish both by riding your bike, walking, running, jogging around your neighborhood while listening to audiobooks. I am currently listening AGAIN to Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Workweek, so this morning I got up, on an empty stomach and went around the neighborhood for 45 minutes listening and burning some calories, that is a great start to the week!

But Seriously, How to Have a Great Week

At the Superbowl a few years ago

At the Superbowl a few years ago

Determine two different categories of things you want to accomplish.

Category 1: What is your daily routine you want to hit everyday? I don’t mean in a perfect world or some B.S. made up schedule that Hercules couldn’t follow, I mean what REALISTICALLY can you do each day to improve your life and business?

Here is a sample routine below (but you can get more details here – MLM Routine)

– Hand out 3-4 samples offline per day
– Prospect 2-8 people per day
– Listen or watch 20-30 minutes of mindset training each day
– Exercise for 20-30 minutes
– Study 20-30 minutes of marketing training

That is just a sample of what category 1 could look like to help you make it a great week.

Now, Category 2 is for the real deal hustlers. Category 2 is your wishlist of 4-5 things you would LOVE to accomplish that would be HUGE for your life or your business. It might be reaching out to influential leaders in your industry or creating that amazing video or book you have been thinking about or the BIG things you have been putting off. These are the things that even accomplishing ONE of them would make it a great week. Knowing how to have a great week is NOT that complicated. Step 1: Forget the Past, Step 2: Create your two categories of things you want to accomplish and Step 3: is to execute and stick.

Most people cannot stick with ANYTHING long term but I hope you take this information and AT LEAST stick for a week. If this helps you, please share on Facebook and Google+ my friend!

To Your Abundance!

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