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Christmas Time as a Network Marketing Professional


So you have the family all gathered around from all parts of the country, isn’t it the perfect time to bust out the whiteboard and draw some circles! NO! This post will help you against what not to do at Christmas as a network marketer to prevent looking like a total rookie.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Lets say the family member where you are having Christmas gives you permission to do a little presentation. Do Not Do It. If you turn off even one family member, you are going to set a tone in your business that this is how it is done and you will either (a) teach your family members that join how to do things the wrong way or (b) be the black sheep of the family for years (they may or may not tell you to your face). If you are drawing circles and talking compensation plans on the birthday of baby Jesus, you run a high probability that someone will be offended.

Stay Professional at Christmas as a Network Marketer

Here are some suggestions for you to keep your cool at Christmas as well as be attracting. The problem with family is we believe we can skip all the sales training of how to talk to them as they are so close to us, if ever sales training would apply, it would be with your family. This doesn’t mean be cheesy salesperson but DO NOT throw up on your relatives at Christmas about your ground-floor opportunity or next billion dollar company. Instead, answer questions in a certain way, otherwise, listen and plan to follow up. Here are the suggestions:

1. Listen. Family members are going to talk about their problems (mainly) and it is your chance to simply lend an ear and be present with them. Don’t think of when to sneak the sales pitch in, but, just listen. The number one voice people like to hear is their own, let them believe you have improved as a conversationalist by saying little and listening a lot.

2. Log the different things going on in each family members life and call them the next week just to see if they are open to looking at what you are doing. Show that you cared enough to listen and they may just listen to you. Do NOT be addicted to the outcome though if they do not decide to join. Thank them and ask them for a referral.

3. When asked about your network marketing business or what you do, don’t go into a sales pitch that ends with “you should look into it”, talk about what you and your team are doing and the stories of some people in the team that have been impacted and then roll the questions back to them and ask them about themselves.

4. Be present. I say this again as it is so easy to just treat this like another year or whatever, you never know if someone in the room at Christmas may not be there next year so truly be present and don’t just think about who you think you are going to sign up. Times are tough for a lot of industries right now and the holidays can really bring out the depression in people especially if they have experienced an occupational change this past year. Be present, listen and love them even if you don’t always agree with them.

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Ray Higdon with Family at Christmas TimeMerry Christmas Everyone!

This has been one of the best years of my life. Looking back to 2009 and being in foreclosure, dead broke, frustrated and depressed to what is going on now is truly amazing and I could not have done it without so many mentors, leaders, teammates and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to my growth and to my wife who stuck by me through thick and thin and to my budding entrepreneur kids (they rock!). I hope you all have a great Christmas with the ones you love and get prepared for 2012, we are just getting started my friends!

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