You may be wondering how to grow you’re network marketing business online.

Well today I’m gonna share with you exactly how to do it. First I’m going to share with you the two pillars of growing any business online. Next I’m going to share with you how I made my first million dollars using the internet. Lastly I’m going to share with you the fastest way to grow your network marketing business using social media right now.

What are the two pillars of growing any business online?

The two pillars of growing your network marketing business online are prospecting and marketing.

Prospecting is you reaching out to an individual, could be through direct message, email and this could be online or offline to be honest, right? It could be you face to face, calling them on the phone, text message etc. Marketing is you doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to…

It’s important for you to understand the difference, because there are language differences. The things that I would say while talking to an individual are not necessarily the things I would say when I’m posting something or I’m doing a video or whatever. One is, I don’t know who’s going to respond to this, the other one is, I’m reaching out to an individual and they either respond or they don’t.

The amount of these two things that you’re doing is absolutely going to impact how much money you’re making, how your business is growing et cetera. If you’re only doing marketing, meaning you’re posting memes or status updates or videos and you’re not generating any interest or leads then I would highly suggest that you mix in some prospecting. This is where I think people go wrong when they’re trying to build online, they think “oh, there’s so many people online, I’ll just post stuff and someone will see it.” Well there’s so much content that’s posted. I heard a stat not too long ago that almost every day more content is created than the last hundreds of years prior to the internet. That’s all created in a day, right? This whole, “let me not be very skilled at posting things and it’ll work out,” not the best approach.

I am suggesting you do marketing but do it in a specific way, which we will talk about in a little bit. When you’re not generating leads, I highly suggest you start to work on your prospecting (which is reaching out to individuals). Now you can do this with people you know, people you don’t know but here’s what not to do. Don’t assume that if you’re posting (let’s say on your personal Facebook profile) your friends and family have been alerted as to your new business status, that’s not how it’s translated. Your friends and family see the things that you post on Facebook, not as an invitation to them but as something you’re trying to get other people to do…because if you really cared about them, you would actually ask them (prospect) and reach out to them.

You may be thinking “oh they’re so toxic, they don’t respond to any of my stuff.

They’re thinking “hey, that’s obviously not for me or else he would call me, text me, ask me.

Understand the difference between prospecting and marketing. Doing both of these very is very powerful. In the next step I’m going to share with you how I used those to make my first million.

How I made my first million using the internet.

How did I use the two pillars to make my first million dollars using social media, using the internet? First of all let’s talk about prospecting. When I started, I was dead broke, in personal foreclosure, deeply depressed, I had gone through a divorce and wasn’t in the best place mentally. I wanted to succeed, I wanted to make it happen and so I asked myself the question, “what would make success inevitable?” This is a great question for any goal that you have, right?

If you want to get six pack abs, what makes success inevitable? Less calories, lots of sit-ups, that probably would work but…how many and how often? How many planks should I do? You can figure out a routine for anything if you ask the question, “what would make success inevitable?”

I read a book called Go for No. I read it and thought, this makes sense. It sounds terrible, but the whole concept is just safety and number law of averages. The more no’s that you get, the more likely you are to get some yes’s. It also reduces your reaction to rejection and your hesitancy to rejection. As I read the book I decided, I’m going to go for 20 no’s a day. Every day (especially in the beginning) it was through prospecting… I reached out to people that I knew and people that I didn’t know. My mission was not to get a sign up a day, because I can’t guarantee that…some days I did, a lot of days I didn’t. Some weeks I didn’t and then there were some days where I got five.

My mission was not to get a sign up every day or not to make a sale every day because I can’t dictate that but I can dictate how many no’s I get by just reaching out to more people. Every day for well over six months I went for 20 no’s a day. Interesting thing is I’ve taught this for 10, 11 years and to my knowledge there are three people that went for 20 no’s a day for at least six months. All three became million dollar earners, all three right now. There may be others that haven’t told me or given me that feedback but what I’ve noticed is a lot of people say they want it until the work is due because that’s not easy getting 20 no’s a day (and by the way it’s a little psychotic).

Even if you’re getting two no’s a day, three no’s a day, five no’s a day…very powerful process. I was getting 20 no’s a day but I hated it. I wanted to get more people reaching out to me and so I started doing a video a day. So for prospecting I started with 20 no’s a day almost all through prospecting. I started doing a video day, that was my marketing. It took a while but eventually my marketing took off, my videos took off. There was a time where I was getting over 3,000 leads a month without spending a dime on ads because I had done so many videos. Those are the two tactical things that I did every single day to reach my first million in network marketing.

I would love to hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. I want to make sure that I’m on point here. What is your biggest frustration with building using the internet? What is your biggest question? Is there something I’m not covering? I may take your comment and then that becomes a future video and I’ll give you a little shout out. Drop me a comment. I read and respond to every single comment.

What is the fastest way to grow your business using social media?

Okay! What is the fastest way that’s working right now? Very simple, it’s short video. Short video is the top of the marketing hierarchy right now. The reason for that is it is your most likely chance to get in front of people that don’t know you, which is where the sweet spot is…a warning if you do this correctly, you are going to get some haters and negative comments. I get them every single day right now. I have two Facebook reels that have over a million views and I didn’t spend a dime on them. It’s maybe 80-20, 80% positive comments, 20% negative, I’ll take that! I’ll take that every day. Short videos specifically TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels.

I know Facebook reels isn’t open in every country, but the neat thing is I make one video and I put it on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels. It’s not like you’re having to do three different videos, it’s just one. That is the most likely way for you to get in front of people that don’t know you already. It’s the best marketing way for you to expand your market, expand who you’re in front of without spending a lot of money or quite frankly spending any money. I highly suggest you get into those. It’s not you pitching your product (I’m not saying never to do that) but the majority of your videos and the ones that we found work the absolute best are the ones that end with the statement “ask me how.”

Think about who you’re trying to attract, think about what product, service etc that you’re hoping to sell (do not mention the product, service or the opportunity) but mention a benefit. There’s a difference between what it is and what it does. If you have a product (just as an example) that helps with sleep, maybe scene one of the short video is you waking up and you’re agitated and your hair is all crazy and you smash the alarm clock. Then scene number two you wake up and you hear little birds in the background and you look right and you’re refreshed and amazing and then it says “ask me how,” that would be a successful short video.

People would ask, “what do you do- what do you take- what do you mean? because there’s a lot of people that struggle with sleep. That’s just one example of a million that I could give you but short videos are the fastest way for you to get in front of more people for you to grow your network and to get more people reaching out to you and asking questions about your product, service or opportunity.

Want addional help with short videos? 

All right, in this post I didn’t have time to go into super, duper heavy detail on the short video phenomenon. The good news is I have a free training that goes very deep and teaches you exactly what to do. What to search for, what kind of titles to use, how to structure your short videos, where to post them first.  We have the whole thing for you and it’s a free training. If you want that training, just click the link

I know it’s going to really help you. I highly encourage short videos as they are the absolute key. If I had to pick one thing that I was doing right now, that would be the thing.

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