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How to Get Your Numis Network Team Duplicating (Video)

Last Night we did a webinar for the Numis Network team focused on helping your team duplicate. Now, some people are too cool for school to do home meetings but even if YOU are, I can guarantee you that some of your downline would generate some amazing results if you supported them in doing a home meeting. Now, as most of you know, I am a hybrid marketer, meaning I do Internet marketing but am NOT too cool for school to do my own home meetings, in fact, I am doing one tonight at my house!

So You Want to Duplicate Your Numis Network Army? (I Mean Downline!)

This video is a recorded webinar we did on running PBR’s (Private Business Receptions) and helping your team duplicate. This video teaches you how to use some of the brand new Numis Network Tools we recently launched and then gets into how to run Numis Network Luncheons and also how to run private business receptions.

Numis Network is at a point where momentum is really starting to kick and introducing this exciting way to build your business is good for everyone. Everyone has a house and a cellphone and this is one more way you can build your Numis Business!

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