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How Do You Get People to Listen to You?


Ever get excited about your new network marketing business or something new with your home business and wanna share it with the people you know but no one will pay attention? Ever just wish you could get people to listen to you? This post will help.

How to Get People to Listen to You

There are a few rules about people you should know.

1. If you want someone to believe that you are a great conversationalist, let them talk about themselves.

2. People don’t like to be sold, but they DO like having their problems solved.

3. No one likes being pushed or told what they should do, for some people like me, it is grating to the nervous system to be told what to do.

So, how do you get people to listen to you? First of all you need to switch from being a salesperson of your opportunity and instead be a solver of other people’s problems. This means a lot more listening than most will get people to listen to you.

The Wrong Way To Get People To Listen (That most think works)


What most people think will get people to listen is IF they accomplish a bunch of stuff or get some results. Don’t get me wrong, this never HURTS but, you certainly do NOT need to wait until you get results to get people to listen to you OR, chances are you would never get those results.

Focusing on the other person is the key. Test this out at the next party you go to. Commit to saying as little about yourself as possible and commit to asking at least 100 questions that night. You will be amazed at how much rapport you build with people AND how they look forward to talking with you again.

Put another way, be more interested than interesting. Once you have listened to someone for 10+ questions you can use tactics like the indirect hook to get them to turn the attention to you.

Keeping Your Mouth Shut May Be Really Difficult

We all get excited about our business or what we are focused on. Realize that until you have rapport with someone, they simply are not very interested in what you have going on but would love to tell you their life story.

Understand that MOST people NEVER get listened to. Their spouse may not listen, their co-workers, perhaps even their family so when YOU listen, they will want to return the favor and you stand out as someone different.

Questions to ask to Get People to Listen to You (that will boost your MLM prospecting results)

I recorded a quick audio for you to listen to. This audio is ONLY questions that you can use to get people to listen to you, feel free to download the mp3 here and listen at your convenience.

MP3: How to Get People to Listen To You

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