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How to get more MLM Blog Traffic for Free 🙂

Since December of 2010 I have been getting more than 40,000 hits per month to my MLM blog at no cost. A natural question would be, Ray, how do you do that? Especially when you find out that my first year the traffic for my MLM blog was non-existent. Check out this little interview I did that may help you in your quest for traffic.

Your Social Media Shares and Comments Now Affect the Search Engine Status of your MLM Blog

A few months ago Google announced that they now took into consideration the social media status of sites and blogs into the search engine relevancy analytics. This was huge news. Now there are google reasons to get your mlm blog out there and getting shared. That changed up the game for a lot of people and I saw my traffic increase nicely.

That’s great Ray, but what about me, the beginning marketer?

If you are just getting started with marketing, your first sharing of your mlm blog is the most important. Most people don’t want to be the first person to share your blog topics but if they see that others have already shared, they are more apt to “follow the crowd”.

Enter, Tribepro.

Tribepro is a free way to get more traffic to your MLM blog

This morning I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Staci Gauny, co-founder of Tribepro. Tribepro is a community where you can get your blog, articles, videos, etc, shared and thereby increase your online presence. I think you will get a kick out of this interview as it was really early and we had a lot of fun on this exclusive interview!


Tonight, April 13th, at 9pm EST, MLSP is doing an entire webinar on how to use Tribepro, you can attend as my guest by registering here


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