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How to Email Leads and Prospects


This might be the most misunderstood area of network marketing. Almost every networker I have ever ran into is clueless when it comes to the right way to email leads and prospects. This also includes how to facebook message prospects as well. This quick blog will help you become a better email marketer.

How Do Most Rookies Email Leads and Prospects?

The distinction between the goal of the rookie email marketer and the professional should INSTANTLY make you a better email marketer. The rookie will email leads to get signups and sales. They throw that hail mary pass into the endzone and just pray that someone, anyone, will catch it and ring the cash register for them. The professional only goes for one thing…interaction.

When a professional is prospecting and decides to email leads or prospects they only desire interaction or engagement. With interaction and engagement they can help determine if their business is a fit for them. This is professional and will never turn off a prospect whereas the hail mary approach taken by so many, is just stupid and immediately turns off 99% of prospects.

How to Email Leads to Gain Interaction

Aw, so the natural question a smart student would ask is “how to gain interaction with your email leads”. This is done by qualifying which is simply asking questions while also restraining from sending an unsolicited link. Let me repeat, never send an unsolicited link. It removes you of all power and turns you into the third string quarterback throwing a hail mary pass.

The first part of gaining interaction with your email leads is to make it personal. On Facebook this might be saying something personal in the message to them about their dog, cat, where they live, etc. In a standard email you want to eliminate the view that the email you just sent was a mass email. People don’t normally care to respond to something sent in mass so do your best, if it IS a mass email, to make it look personal. Write to one person versus a group. Don’t say: “Hey guys” but instead say something like “Good Morning, I thought about you….”

Use Posture When You Email Leads

Don’t be afraid to use posture when you email leads, it actually makes you more attractive. Let me give you an example of a powerfully postured way to email leads and prospects:

Hey There, I see that you are a financial planner in Washington DC. I love Washington, took my kids there once and we had a blast, actually watched the fireworks in front of the whitehouse on the 4th of July. Anyway, listen I am working with and always looking for sharp financial planners to share our project we have going on with and I would love to chat with you. This is something that might not be a fit for you or it could possibly be a great fit, won’t know until we chat. Is there a time we can hop on the phone for 5 minutes to discuss?

This is postured and the goal of it was to gain interaction, specifically an email response that would lead to a phone conversation. Now the unimaginative will say but Ray, where did you get that lead? Well, you could get that lead through Google or Facebook, take your pic.

Remember the Rules to Follow When You Email Leads and Prospects

1. Don’t send an unsolicited link.

2. Boost your attractiveness by being postured.

3. Seek interaction, not a signup.

4. Be personal, they should be unable to tell if it is a mass email.

Question: Should You Buy Email Leads?

Personally, I say no, at least for network marketing. Yesterday I did a post on getting and buying leads and I do think it makes sense to sometimes buy leads, but not email leads, phone leads. Email leads are too easy to be resold and too hard to convert in my opinion, at least for network marketing.

Interaction: Leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know how many terrible email spams you get each day that break all these rules, curious to see what everyone is experiencing!


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