How to Earn 1K in Network Marketing!

This post comes from a training I did in our seven day 1K challenge. Okay, let’s jump right in!

Identity and Direction.

By posting a comment that says, “I’m going to stick around” you’re setting an identity (at least for this challenge) that you are going to finish. How you set your identity out there in the world, that’s up to you. I don’t have full access, but I can drive you here. Setting that identity is very powerful. My mission today is to help you increase the chances that you stick around….You can fake desire, but you can’t fake showing up. I don’t just want you to learn, I also want you to earn. I want you to make money. That doesn’t mean make money your god…it doesn’t mean that money is your source of everything. Money is a resource. It allows you to do some cool stuff…with more money you can do more good. Now it doesn’t mean you can’t do any good without money but we want you to earn.

What I’m going to teach you will apply in every area of your life. I’ve used it in all kinds of things. I’ll give you some examples. I’m going to give you the easiest way to do it too because I’m all about finding a way to make something easy. Where you may fail is if you quit… if you let that voice in your head say “why bother… why bother that’s just another challenge…. it’s just another Facebook group…..” “Why bother” is a revelation of where the devil has his claws in your head. You need to have have a very different reaction to “why bother.” You need to speak to yourself more than you listen to yourself. Example: “I am a powerful child of God and I’m saved through Grace, not by my works, so I am a representation….I’m to shine my light.”

I think about the incredible story of of Joseph. Joseph was sold into slavery and worked very diligently despite being a Hebrew slave to a pagan Master. He didn’t say, “this master doesn’t deserve my best” right? He showed up.

How do we show up in the most powerful way that God has stitched us together? Because we have way more potential in us than we have pressed into but God made us this way. God created our potential and we are called to step into it.

A few verses that’ll help you…..well I may throw some things out there not quote them.

We are instructed to cast all our anxiety on Him, because He cares for us.

We are instructed to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.

We are told to tame the body make it our slave. We are to be in control, not the “why bother stronghold.” Where you may fail is if you start to gain some traction, but you have triggers around results. You start to gain some traction and you have triggers around recognition because you had siblings.


I want to jump into some scripture that will help you with your mindset. Let’s go to Proverbs. I’m going to cover Proverbs 26: 13, 15 and 16. “The lazy man says there’s a lion in a road there’s a lion in the street.”

Ask yourself this question. What does that mean? It means you’re not in the streets, it means you’re not on the field, it means you’re not in the game, you’re just professing philosophically that there’s a problem. So right now it might be, inflation, war…. doesn’t mean there’s not but you’re using that as your excuse. In network marketing in general there’s been a lot of chaos… “did you hear that top earner got canned” etc.  right? The lazy person locates an excuse that’s valid and they use that as the reason they’re not in the game. You need to get in the game. The person that says there’s a lion in the road, there’s a lion in the streets. What is it… a huge lion that’s in multiple streets? You see what I mean? Singular lion, multiple streets. That means you’re not in the streets, you’re not in the game you’re not on the field… you are the excuse maker.

Next, “The lazy man buries his hand in the bowl and it wearies him down to his mouth.” Just picture this…lazy person puts their hand in the bowl…is it berries? is it gold? buries his hand in the bowl but just too tired to bring it back to his mouth. Too tired to finish. This is the starter, not the finisher. This is the person that knows what they want and they’re actually really close to it but they just won’t finish. That gets their website, their business card, their glamour shots done but they don’t actually prospect. They don’t actually follow up with anyone. Don’t be the starter who doesn’t finish. Be a finisher.

Last one from Proverbs 26. “The lazy man is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can answer sensibly.” Now isn’t that interesting. How many people are into a challenge, they get to day two and they’re like “I’ve heard this before.” Well if you heard it before, did you do it? because it isn’t what you’ve heard before…it’s what you’ve done. That’s the results that you have in your bank account, the results that you have at your rank, the results you have in your organization. That’s what you actually know, not what books you’ve read. You may have read Think and Grow Rich, but you are not rich. You don’t know how to get rich, you haven’t done it.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3 “and the Lord answered me write the vision make it plain on tablets so he may run who needs it for still the vision awaits its appointed time it hastens to the end it will not lie if it seems slow wait for it it will surely come it will not delay” Now there are many verses that talk about praying incessantly. I would highly suggest that you pray about this and that you tell God what you want. You are a child of God, you’re not some nuisance. Jesus died for us…He paid full price for us and so we are not a nuisance, we are a child of God. Tell Him what you want. You may have heard the prayer of Jabez where he says “Hey Lord, enlarge my territory, keep your hand with me…Keep Me From Evil.” He was saying what he wanted and he was very blessed. You can be too. Pray about what you want.

Sometimes we have this guilt of…. pray about what you want and if you’re going to God you already have a propensity to serve Him so every single day I visualize…I mentally rehearse and I pray about more companies hiring. More network marketing companies hiring me to not just teach (which I’ve done before for many companies) but to also share my testimony because who the heck would I be if I went from running on a hamster wheel trying to feel better about myself trying to find my significance and get acceptance from others and it never working no matter how much money I made or how much significance or how much status. To locating the source of My Hope, finding Christ and me not telling people about it? Just go right back to business as usual. So even though my prayer may not be your prayer…. let’s be honest it may not be answered in seven days, but don’t stop praying incessantly. Ask for it. Now I’m not saying that’s the only thing you should ask for…. I would ask for you to please…I beg of you pray for the Middle East. Pray for Peace, pray for your enemies, pray for wisdom, there’s so many things I pray for every single day. But also write them down. Make them plain…make it very clear what you are going after, let that embody you.

We will finish with Mark 11:24 this is Jesus speaking, “therefore I tell you whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it’ll be yours.” How do we do that? How does that happen? Well whatever you ask in prayer believe that you’ve received it and it’ll be yours….that my friends is Imagination. That is visualization, that is mental rehearsal.

Try this Powerful Exercise. 

That is going to cap off our first exercise. For this exercise I want you to mentally pick a friend… pick someone close to you…someone that you like, someone that you respect, maybe respects you. Could be a husband, but if there’s any triggers there around success pick someone else okay. I want you to have in your mind…in your imagination…I want you to have a future conversation with them on how your 7-Day challenge went. Tell them how much money you made and I know that may seem weird. You want to make more money, right? You need to cover your bills. You’d like to be more generous, you’d like to do cooler things, you’d like to buy nice things for others…your kids… yourself. It’s okay to have money, just don’t have money, have you.

If you joined a 7-Day make 1K Challenge and you refuse to talk about money it means it’s got you. I know people think that having money is bad….no. It’s the money having you. Whether you have it or not. See I thought about money. I was more Addicted to Money when I didn’t have any because I thought about it all the time…. “man I really need money”…. “oh man oh geez where can I get money.” Right? It’s okay to have money just don’t let money have you.

God is your Source. Money is a nice resource you do good things with but it’s a resource not the source. Your net-worth is not your self-worth. All of us shouldn’t get our status, significance, safety, security, or identity from how much money we have, we should get that from God or else it’s a disrespect to the cross. Okay that’s our identity. Our identity is we are a child of God, we are forgiven.

I want you to pick a friend and I want you to have a future conversation with them on how your 7-Day challenge went. Now I’m going to give you an example. Don’t just speak about your growth. Don’t say I really grew and I got really smart and I learned things….don’t do that. That’s fine if you want to include it but don’t do that without saying and I made $1,000 and I made $1,100 I made $1,300. Some of you may make a whole bunch of money, but pick something that’s uncomfortable. I made $2,300. Pick something that you can actually visualize yourself in your mind saying to the other person. I’m going to give you an example but I would suggest you do this…. mentally I mean…you could say it I guess.

Example: I’m going to meet with one of my former bosses Maggie and I run into Maggie and we’re at the airport and she goes “oh my goodness is that Ray Higdon. (see I’m seeing this in my mind, I’m just speaking it out for you to give you an example) oh my God Ray it has been years…I’ve heard so many great things about you….oh my goodness you are making such a difference. So good to catch up with you.”

“What’s going on? you know what Maggie things are wonderful…I just (keep in mind this is a future conversation) finished running a 7-Day challenge for a bunch of rockstars and so many of them made more money than they’ ever made before, it was awesome, it was so cool seeing so many people that had literally never made hardly any money in their business make over $1,000 in just a 7-Day period. It was such a blessing for them and for me. You know what’s also cool is I have been getting hired by all kinds of huge network marketing companies to speak at their huge events. Not only am I teaching and leading there they asked me to share my story of Christ….they asked me to share my testimony. My family is doing great, the kids are doing wonderful, my wife and I are closer than we have ever been….I’ve been so blessed to be constantly given Direction and guidance from Heavenly Father and learn more and grow in wisdom. Money has just been fantastic, I’m just so blessed. It’s enabled me to be so generous and I’m just having a blast at this. I’m just loving my life right now so it’s so good to see you. Thank you for asking those questions and I’m just so grateful.” That’s an example.

You’re seeing the future conversation, but notice what I am saying, I said everything in past tense as if it’s already done. When you pray, pray as if you’ve already received it, believe that you have received it and it’ll be yours. That’s your exercise.

I hope that was helpful. 

Ray Higdon

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