Today we are going to dive into how to do marketing on TikTok.

First I’m going to share why you should consider TikTok, because you maybe have some biases against it. Next I’m going to share the best types of videos that we have tested that work like crazy on TikTok. Lastly I’m going to share how to have the right mindset on TikTok, because you do have to set a certain type of mindset.

Why should you consider TikTok?

We have a lot to thank TikTok for as entrepreneurs. I mean as a marketer, you should be very grateful for TikTok because they change the landscape of marketing whether you use TikTok or not. They changed the landscape, which led Facebook to implement Instagram reels and Facebook reels. Facebook owns Instagram if you didn’t know. What did they do that was so different? It’s not just the short video (although that’s part of it) the big thing was the change in algorithm.

In the past if you were on Facebook and you posted a video or if you did a Facebook live or you posted something on your profile, what would the algorithm do? It would show it to some people that are connected to you and if it did well, it’d show it to a few more, it would never show it to 100%. In fact you don’t have anything that a hundred percent of your Facebook friends have ever seen, right? Just doesn’t happen. They will show it to a small piece of people that know you or follow you or friends with you and if it does well, they will show it to a few more but not a hundred percent.

TikTok really changed it up. They said okay instead of that model, let’s just take the content and show it to who might like this content whether they know you or not. I came to learn this because we had students that had struggled over on Facebook, were not influencers, went over to TikTok and all of a sudden started getting hundreds of thousands of views on their videos. Started making thousands of dollars a month where they weren’t making anything over on Facebook.

After seeing these guys that struggled over on Facebook crush it on TikTok, I had to learn this and so I started doing videos. In fact, I remember a guy said, “hey, you’re doing videos but you don’t even get that many views. No hate, Merry Christmas.” His name is Lenny Phoenix, I still remember. At the time I had like 300 followers, I wasn’t getting a lot of views and so I just replied back to him. I did a video reply, not a clap back. I didn’t get up in his grill or anything. I just said, “hey you know what? You’re right. I’m pretty new over here on TikTok and you’re right, I’m not getting that many views just yet. Fair enough, but I’ve done well on other platforms. But why should that be the marker of whether we listen to someone or not. I mean if someone loses 10 pounds but they’re still not six-pack abs, couldn’t we learn from them if we’re trying to lose 10 pounds?” That was just my very simple argument.

It was a Saturday, I run, I’m playing with the kids and I come back and I look and that video has 20,000 views. Oh, wait a minute so I figured that’s a mistake so I close out the app, I open it back up it’s got 22,000 views and then it’s 25 then 30 then 35 then 50 then 55. It was crazy because I only have 300 followers. That would never happen in the old school algorithm. This is why one, whether you use TikTok or not, you should be grateful for them because they created an algorithm that was very different and really was a leveling playing field. Now anybody regardless of your influence or not, you have the chance, the very possible chance of going viral of having your video seen by thousands and thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands of people.

That’s why you should consider TikTok. By the way short videos are the key to today’s marketing so if you’re going to do one, you might as well do all three. If you’re going to do a Facebook reel, why not load it to Instagram reels and load it to TikTok. This is why I highly suggest you use TikTok.

What are the best types of videos to do on TikTok?

I’m going to give you three suggestions. These are three that we have tested and they have done very well.

One, controversial opinion. Now obviously this you have to weigh your values and what that means to you. In our space, network marketing, a lot of people they say, “only a small percentage of people make money,” which is actually true in any kind of sales performance business. For example on an average year 700,000 people pay money out of their pocket for the real estate exam materials. Of those 700 thousand people that paid money for the exam materials, about 116,000 actually pay to take the exam and have 116,000, 50,000 past the exam and of the 50,000, 37,000 make any money at all as a realtor. No one talks about the 662,000 people that paid money to make money in real estate but didn’t. Why? They didn’t do the work. There’s a lot of people in my space, in the network marketing space that we coach and train that also don’t do the work, they think it’s magical or mystical. They don’t talk to anybody and then they’re angry because they didn’t make any money, that’s not magical or mystical, that’s true in anything. I did a video that talks about that phenomenon and guess what? There’s a lot of anti-MLM’s out there that just attacked that video and it helped me get 286,000 views on that video. Hey, I’ll take it.

Controversial views. What’s something in your space or in your niche or product or market or whatever that you hold that’s maybe contrary to what the masses think. Again, be willing to take the hate if you go down this road but it is a path for some pretty major exposure.

Number two, the “ask me how.” Now, the ask me how video is where you are demonstrating a benefit of your product, service or perhaps opportunity. Whatever it is that you are marketing. If you are someone that is selling something around weight loss, then maybe it’s you holding up your big pair of pants that you used to wear (the before). Then you show the after, right? With, “Ask me how.” Doesn’t have to involve a lot of speaking. It can involve bullet points or it can involve a demonstration. If you have something that helps with back pain, then maybe it’s just you going “ah…” (holding your back) and then you going, “yeah.” “Ask me how.”

“Ask me how,” just reverse engineer what is it that you could demonstrate on a short video that would get people wanting to ask you how to get that result. That has been very powerful.

Third version, it’s also an “ask me how”…is the overcomer. So far we talked about the controversial, the “ask me how,” benefit driven, this is the “ask me how,” overcomer. Maybe you have overcome some things in life. For me I talk about how I overcame growing up in a very abusive home, didn’t finish high school on time, was addicted to drugs, didn’t finish college at all, have been divorced, been in foreclosure, been dead broke twice… there’s a lot of things that I can use that I have overcome. You talking about the things that you have overcome whether it’s toxic relationships or narcissistic partner or whatever. You talking about those things and then saying “ask me how.” “hey I’ve overcome these things…” “ask me how.”

Those are the three types of videos that we see do the very best engagement-wise and view-wise on TikTok.

What is the right mindset to have on TikTok?

I’m going to give you two main things.

Number one, consistency and number two, tenacity and those are a little different.

Consistency is you doing the things over and over and over again.

Tenacity is you overcoming the things that are going to come up along the way.

What are the things that are going to come up along the way? You’re going to have one video… for example, right now, on my Facebook reels which are just a representation of my TikTok views but we have TikTok’s that have 286,000 views, we have Facebook reels that have a million views, we have TikTok’s that have 200 views. I have Facebook reels that have 500 views. You need to embrace the very real truth that not all of your videos are going to go viral, not all of your videos are going to do really well. In fact it seems to me like the ones I work the hardest on seem to perform the least and some of the ones that I thought oh this is a really dumb one and I roll it out there all of a sudden it blows up. You have to have that tenacity and consistency to keep going even when the numbers aren’t in your favor.

Tenacity against the haters. When your videos go viral, one thing that people don’t talk about is you’re going to get in front of people that don’t know you. People that don’t know you and some people that do know you maybe but people that don’t know you they like to throw those hater comments. You are going to get hater comments, you need to be prepared for that. You know I had a guy tell me, “I don’t want to deal with the haters, I just want to build a successful business.” I told him, “listen, you can’t make it to the thankers without going through the haters.”

You are going to get haters and you need to have the tenacity to keep going despite those haters. Do not let them get to you. They are out there. Just know that hurt people hurt. When people do not feel good about themselves, they want to bring you down to make you not feel good about yourself. Do not let them do it, that is a choice.

Want to know how to crush it on TikTok?

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