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How to Create Long Term Success in Anything

  Ever get started on something when you were fired up, just to have it fizzle out? Well, that may have to do with a concept called "The Pressure Cooker" that I heard about from Tony Robbins. If you can grasp the pressure cooker concept, you can eliminate the real problem to create long term success in anything you want in life.

What Does a "Pressure Cooker" have to do with Long Term Success?

Most people choose to take some form of action toward a goal out of some form of pain. It could be the pain of not being able to afford certain things your friends are doing, the pain of not fitting into your favorite pants anymore or the pain of attending yet another MLM convention without having reached the next rank. Tony talks about how this "pressure" pushes us to make a change, and we do. We do this new routine, diet, etc for awhile and here is the crazy thing...it works! But, it works so well that it releases us from that pressure that caused us to change that routine in the first place. Pants start fitting better? Let's reward ourselves with a cupcake! Finally got a signup in your network marketing company because you have finally started using the phone? Well, reward yourself with a day away from the phones right? Wrong. This is, the pressure cooker.  

What to Focus on For Real Success

Instead of letting pain and stress push you around temporarily and have you like a yo-yo, choose to pick the vision of your future you really want. Who do you want to be? What does that life look like? What would someone that looks like who you want to be, do in their daily routine? Would they slack in their business, eat bon-bons and date someone rude and mean? Probably not right? So why should you??

Long Term Success Through Your Vision

Focus on the type of life you truly want and more importantly, the type of person you want to BE. Who do you want to be compared to? What type of energy do you want to be known for? How do you want to be remembered? Create that vision and let it PULL you into the path that will lead you to YOUR version of Long Term Success! By the way, I am doing a fundraiser for the MDA, if you feel it in your heart to bring yourself some good karma, please give a little (or a lot) to my fundraising efforts with the MDA by click here. I am offering some training over there to those that donate and thank you so much to those who have already been so generous. Also, be sure to share this post on your Facebook or you can email this to friends that you think might benefit from this information on long term success. Maybe you have a friend who has been trying to lose weight, or get a better relationship or advance at work or in their business. If you and your friends create more long term success, the world will be a better place! To your power!
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