Today I’m going to answer the question how to convince someone to join network marketing.

The first thing I’m going to cover is why you should never convince anyone of anything…..but I am going to share with you the right way to build your business. Next I’m going to share with you the reasons that people tell you “no.” Lastly I’m going to share with you the four keys to grow a serious business.

How do I convince them to join?

Okay so the title is how to convince and my very first suggestion is never convince, right? Your probably thinking “hey what’s the deal here, man?” Well, first let me help you with an understanding.

What is convincing? Convincing is getting someone to do what I want them to do.

Persuading is getting someone to do what they want to do already.

What do we mean by that? If someone does not want to make extra money or start a business but I really want them to, then I’m trying to convince them to do something they don’t want to do.

If someone does want to make money then I need to be better at persuading them to see my point of view, to see my opportunity, to see my possibility.

Convincing is what gives network marketing probably 50% of its bad reputation. People trying to shame or guilt. “I helped you move in college, least you could do is join my business.” What? Like what the hell does that mean? Is this a friend tax? Oh because we’re friends now I have to join your dumb thing, right?

Don’t ever convince anybody of anything. Instead see if they’re open. “Hey, are you open to learning more about this thing that I’m doing to make some extra money?” Now is is that hardcore aggressive? Of course not.

Put yourself in a little bit different situation. What if you bought a lumber yard? Would you go to your friends and say “hey, get down here and get a 2×4…..I need you to buy some plywood today. I got a quota.” No, that would be crazy.

Now what might you do? You might call them and say “hey you may or may not know this but I just bought a lumberyard. If you need any wood, let me know. I’ll take care of and help you. I’ll give you a discount maybe, buy one get one..” Right?” You would tell them, you wouldn’t pressure them, you wouldn’t try to figure out how to convince. “Oh, how do I get them to get some darn wood from me?” You would never do that, right?

See them as the same thing. You’re in a business, this isn’t a favor business, this isn’t a guilt business, not a shame business. It’s a business.

If you try to convince them, you’re going to lose some friends. You’re going to have people talk behind your back, there are going to say “oh god, here comes Ray trying to get me again.” You shouldn’t be trying to get anybody..

What you should be doing is just seeing if they’re open. “Hey, are you open to taking a look at what I’m doing to lose some weight?” “Hey, are you open to taking a look at what I’m doing to have organic shampoo…” Whatever it is that you have, service, product or opportunity. See if they’re open to learning more, they’re not ready to join, they’re not ready to give you their credit card or their social security number, they’re not ready for that. Find out if they’re open first then go from there to the next step.

Why do they say “no”? 

What are some of the reasons that people tell you “no”? One of the big ones is you not understanding their position.

Here’s an example. I remember walking through the mall and all of a sudden out of nowhere, I feel a dap and this guy in a kiosk in the middle had just rubbed dead sea salt on my arm and I’m like “what the heck,” right? This was this was pre-COVID (just so you know). I don’t think they do that right now….but all of a sudden dap, I got this stuff on my arm and so what was the big sin? The sin of assumption. He assumed I’m totes cool with having this stuff on my arm, maybe I would have been if he had asked, but he didn’t ask. Just dab it right on me, right? What he didn’t understand and what most network marketers don’t understand is position.

Since he doesn’t know if I’m open to that ,I’m at position zero. If he says “hey can I show you my dead sea salt stuff? It’s pretty cool, I’ll just show you a real quick demonstration…” and I said yes, I would be at position one. I’ve now said okay, show me more, kind sir but instead, he just assumed.

Assumption will get you no’s where you might have gotten a yes. If you go to one of your friends and family and say “hey, I’m doing this thing, you should totally do it.” Well…..a lot of people are contrarian. Just the fact that you said they should do it (maybe they would have if you’d asked them first) but by you pressuring them and trying to convince them, you have a much higher chance of them saying “no I’m not interested” even if they are interested.

Here’s another phenomenon like this….people get into this kind of habitual response. You walk into a store, you’re looking for a belt buckle or you’re looking for a purse or whatever and the person behind the counter says “hey can I help you?” “No, I’m good.” You actually need their help, right? You don’t know where the belt buckle is or the purse is but you just have this automatic response.

Find out if someone is open instead of trying to pressure them, instead of trying to tell them that it’s a no-brainer. It’s not a no-brainer. It’s never a no-brainer to buy any product or join any kind of company because if they don’t have interest or desire, it’s not a no-brainer for them. IT may be a no-brainer for you because of your desires but without understanding their desire, it’s not a no-brainer.

Let’s hear from you! 

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What’s the worst line you’ve had someone say to you to try to get you to join a network marketing company? I know I have some doozies but I’d love to hear yours?

What are the four keys to grow a serious business?

Well, they all start with P. I made it simple for you.

All right number one, pipeline. How many people you’re reaching out to, how many people are you following up with, how many appointments are you setting, how many videos are you sending out, how many people are you getting on presentations, that’s your pipeline.

It’s interesting. People will come up to me and say “Ray, bro, I really need to make some money!” I’m just like you…when I started I was dead broke and in foreclosure but I became the number one income earner of a company that I joined during that period. Got out of foreclosure and being dead broke because I was hungry. Now if that person says they’re hungry, I’ll ask them a question. I’ll say… “how many people did you reach out to last week?” If they give me an excuse or that number is less than 10, if it’s single digits, then they’re not that hungry. Your pipeline is how many people, what are your numbers?

Here’s something I learned at the age of 18. I worked for a telemarketing company and it was not the greatest job. About 30% of the time I was cursed out and I wasn’t very good. I heard a quote and I don’t know who originated this quote, but they said “what you lack in skill, make up for in numbers.” I started making 450 calls a day.

No network marketer on planet earth (perhaps in history) has ever made 450 calls a day to be honest, right? I mean it’s hard to even get that many numbers. If you make 450 calls a day, you’re going to get better, you’re going to get tougher and you’re going to get some yes’s, you’re going to get some lay down sales with that kind of number. I went from really sucking to the top two percent of that company. Not that I was as skilled as the top of the top but because I just dialed more than them. If you aren’t getting a lot of yes’s then increase your numbers, increase the pipeline.

Number two (which is a skill inside the pipeline) posture. How you hold yourself. How are you affected by negativity. If someone says to me “oh, those things don’t work.” I say “cool, no problem, that’s your belief. Probably not going to work for you. Do you know anyone that does want to make some money?” I don’t have to convince them, I don’t try to turn them around and tell them “no, no, no it’s really legit” and all that. I don’t try to convince people. I know it works, I’ve seen people of all races, all origins, all education levels succeed make money in network marketing so I know what’s possible.

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. Be postured and you will increase your numbers.

Number three is position. Now, I’ve talked about this in this post of knowing “where is your prospect.” So, if a prospect isn’t responding to my messages…I don’t just assume they’re in. “Hey, where’s your credit card?If I don’t know anything about someone, I’m not going to assume that they’re ready to join, they’re ready to purchase something, that’s out of position. I always keep in mind the position of my prospect, makes my language a lot better.

Last but not least…..

Number four is perspective. What are you spending your mental energy on? Are you spending it on all the things that you don’t like or don’t want in your life? Are you energetically angry or upset or frustrated, overwhelmed, disappointed? Well then you’re going to get more of that, that’s how it works. Your emotions get propagated. Especially before you go to bed, that subconscious kicks in and says okay, what does this guy want? Oh, got it. He wants more disappointment. We can do that, no problem.

You have to focus on seeing yourself as already successful if you ever want to speed things up. Now I’ve noticed that you can outwork this emotional thing but it is a lot more work. You want to get there faster, use your mindset. See yourself as successful, focus more on memories of your future than memories of your past and you’ll be on your way.

Want more help? 

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