Today we are going to talk about how to change your mindset around money.

First, I’m going to give you a proven test to see if you do have a money mindset issue. Next, I’m going to give you one hidden key that could be affecting you and money. Lastly, I’m going to share a nighttime routine to help you bring more money in.

How do you know for sure that you have a money mindset issue?

There’s really only one test and that is how much money you have right now. It’s not what you know. Don’t say, “well I’ve read Think and Grow Rich,” okay, great. Great job, but how much money do you have? If you don’t have much money and you’re constantly struggling with money. If you get to the end of the month and you’re just out of money then, no judgment, I’m not judging you, but you have a money mindset issue.

I’m telling you I know because I was there. I have been dead broke twice, I remember wick checks, I remember going through foreclosure, I remember being (after the real estate market crash) over a million dollars in debt. Now just to put that into perspective, that means someone homeless on the street is worth a million dollars more than me. Think about that… I have been there, I have had my share of troubling financial times. This isn’t me picking on you, this isn’t me making fun of you, this isn’t me damning you but if you don’t have money, you have a money mindset issue.

Step one is admitting it…is realizing it. You can read as many books as you want but if you’re not doing things of a certain way to be bringing more money in then you still have some kind of hang up about money. I want to bring that to your attention because it’s not what you think you know. I know so many people that have read Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, all these amazing resources, which in the right hands and done the right way will absolutely bring more money to you. But just passively read or even memorized but no action in conjunction, it’s not going to do much for you. Admitting you have a money mindset issue is step one because then you can do something about it. If you are so committed to, “I don’t have a money mindset issue” then okay, if you don’t have a money mindset issue and you don’t have money, then what the hell can we do here? How can we help? How can we change if you are so convinced that you don’t have a money mindset issue? So step one is admitting it.

Here’s one hidden key that could very well be affecting you.

How did your parents treat money? It’s interesting…the other day, maybe a couple weeks ago, I was coaching someone and she was telling me that she’s in a network marketing company. She started making money and started doing well, started doing better than she had done before or at least the same and she would get distracted. She would start wondering should I be doing this over here or should I do this over here? She stopped doing the things that had worked for her.

I said, “okay, got it, makes sense.” “Tell me about your parents with money.”

She was like, “oh…they were really up and down and up and down…they would start making a lot of money and then they just…it’s like they had ADHD. They would lose focus and they would do this other thing and do this other thing…..”

I’m kind of waiting for her to catch…. and she never catches.

I’m like, “you realize you just described your behavior in your parents. They’re the same story.”

She’s like, “oh, oh my god.”

One thing that I’ve seen is how we observed our parents with money almost always affects us one way or another. Either we rebel against it or we absorb it and we do the exact same things that they did. I have coached a lot of people through this…The person that saw their parents make a bunch of money then lose it, will often find that they have this invisible upper limit that they just can’t surpass no matter what they try, no matter what opportunity, no matter what career, no matter what position, no matter how much effort, they just can’t get past this dollar amount. The reason that they can’t is they don’t want to lose it all. It’s like the “if you never want to fall off the mountain then just don’t climb it.” They have this upper limit belief in the back of their head that if I go past this, danger, danger. I could lose it just like my parents did. They don’t want to feel that ridicule that they saw their parents had. There’s a deep connection between how you saw your parents and how they handled money, success, attention and recognition to how you’re showing up in life.

Another example is if you had parents who are really, really successful but they ignored you, well if you have kids, it’s very likely that you will sabotage your success because you don’t want your kids to feel the same way that you did. Now that’s a deep thing, that’s something you aren’t going to read about in Think and Grow Rich, you’re not going to learn about your parents. A lot of these self-help books or these books about making money, because it’s all focused on the future and and what you have to do. Well, I’m telling you that the things that you observed are affecting what you do. That hidden key, ask yourself, “how did my parents handle money?” Were they really good with it and at the same time were really wonderful to me? Maybe that’s the case, so maybe that’s not a hang up for you. This is an area you should definitely explore if you’re struggling with money.

Let’s hear from you.

Before I get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What do you think is the reason that you struggle with money, if you do of course. Drop me a comment. Is it because you think you overthink things? Is it because you’re a perfectionist? Is it because the darn economy or the person in the White House? What do you think is the reason? I do read and respond to every single comment and I would love to help you in a more you know personal way. Tell me your issue that you’re experiencing and I’ll do my very best to give you some advice.

What is this nighttime routine?

I’m going to share with you a few things, but first what is so special about nighttime? Why does it have to be nighttime, why not morning? I’m a morning person or I’m not a morning person. Most people are not, I guess. The reason that nighttime is so important is because before you go to bed you are taking either a very specific thing and programming your super computer (which is your subconscious) or you’re by default taking the accumulation of all the emotions you’ve felt all day and haphazardly handing them over to your subconscious. That subconscious is a non-judgmental partner. What I mean by that is if you are like some people and you watch the news, well what is the news report on? Do they report that wonderful Officer O’Leary rescues a cat from a tree or a new butterfly variant has just been found in the Amazon and it’s breathtaking….or are you hearing racial injustice, war, riots and death and death rates and all these different things to get us all you know riled up in a negative fashion? But they know negativity is what gets your attention because that’s an emotion that most people can more easily step into and expand on.

We have something good happened to us…and I’ve trained myself to be very, very weird, believe me. Yesterday I’m walking my own driveway and I find 52 cents. Two quarters, two pennies and I’m like huh, 52 cents, this is amazing. This is awesome, I grab it, I’m happy. I’m like “yeah.” I purposely expand that I am on a road to fortune, that I have good things happening to me, that miracles happening, what else am I finding? I expanded. What do most people do? They’ll just say they do…but if they hear something negative, they talk about it. They call their friends, “hey do you see that new thing that darn dude is doing. You see with that idiot in the White House and doing it, right?” They see something negative, they expand on all day long, they talk about it at the barbecue, that’s the deal. The media knows that, they know that your emotions are more easily plugged into when it comes to negativity.

If you are like those people that watch the news and you get injustice and anger and fear and what’s that other political party doing, right…if that’s you and you get all riled up and you go to sleep, you’re telling (you’re the co-creator of your life) your subconscious. You’re telling your subconscious this is what I want more of….The subconscious lays out your day for the next day. They’re in the back and they receive the order anger, fear and justice, got it. Well you know not what I would pick but okay. They start chopping it up and dicing it up, we’re going to give it to him in an omelet, there’s gonna be a hair in it. We’re going to give him a lot of traffic and complain to them, we’re going to have the boss kick their desk, we’re going to have…right? Your co-creator, the subconscious is chopping up your day for you to serve you because it mistakenly believes that you know how powerful you are and if you knew how powerful you are, why would you ever choose something you didn’t want? So, clearly this must be what you want.

It’s so important for you to set an intention. Intention is different than desire. I intended to do this video today and I’m doing it. I didn’t desire to do this video today. Notice the difference. Desire means that there’s an inkling of possible failure that I’m attached to. Intention, I’m going to do. I intend to raise my harm, I don’t desire to raise my arm. “I sure wish I could.” I really desire to raise my arm. No, it’s not desire, it’s intention. What is your intention?

The nighttime routine that I would highly encourage you to really train yourself and completely transform your life and it can be all around money or it can be your all-around whatever you want… Is see that which you want and wish that you had, as already having it. Feel the feelings as if you already have that thing. For most people they actually can’t focus on money but they can focus on what money can do. Most people can’t just emotionally look at their bank account and see it with a whole bunch of zeros but they can see themselves flying all around the world or taking the kids to Disney or getting that new truck that they want or getting the new vehicle, whatever. Before you go to bed, you have the opportunity to program a multi-billion dollar computer. There are no computers that can do what your subconscious can do. Let’s just say it’s conservatively worth worth billions of dollars and it’s right in your head. You have the opportunity to program it, you get one chance a day for most people (unless you meditate). You get one chance a day to push the button, this is what I want, are you gonna push it?

Before bed, see that thing which you really would love to have in your life whether it’s the vacation, the upgraded home, the pool, _____(fill in the blank) and go to sleep knowing that you already have that and feel that feelings. Then ask yourself how would I know it’s true? You go to bed, you start building that muscle and consistently doing that muscle, you’re going to see miracles show up in your life.

Addional help.

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