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How to Change Your Life for the Better

There are a few simple things you can do to improve everything. This post will show you, in simple terms, how to change your life for the better.

How to Change Your Life Around

Whatever your current results are in your life, they are a reflection of your recent and current thoughts. Those recent and current thoughts have driven you to take actions “in a certain way” and that certain way has either dictated your current success or current struggles. The cool thing is it is never too late to turn it around and start getting more of the good stuff in your life.

Steps for You on How to Change Your Life for the Better

1. Stop spending energy talking about or surrounding yourself with people that do not believe in you. Don’t give them energy and don’t complain about them, once you stop feeding them energy they will either a) go away or b) stop intruding.

2. Take control of your subconscious. Your subconscious is YOUR greatest employee but like most employees, if you don’t tell it what to do on a daily basis, you get whatever you get which, is not much. Left to our own design, your subconscious cannot help but reside in negativity as that is what the mass mediocre in this world put out there. The media, news, and the masses are all focused on the bad things in the world, YOU need to consciously choose to be different if you are to have a different experience. Steps to accomplish taking control of your subconscious are:
– Create an incantation that you can repeat over and over while your mind is at rest, things like “I love making money”, “I love my body”, “Everything is perfect”, “I am a magnet for good”, “Thank you for my healing”, etc.
– Watch your language like a hawk. Don’t utter a word that doesn’t serve you. This is the toughest part. It greatly helps to have a partner. This means don’t sit at lunch and gossip about who is doing you wrong or how much money you lost or ANYTHING that doesn’t serve you. Stop focusing on where you are and instead on where you could possibly go.

3. Take altered and inspired action. For example, don’t chant “I love my lean body” while eating doughnuts or “I love making money” while watching Oprah, go do the things that could potentially build your business, make you money or help you lose weight. Doing steps one and two will vastly improve your results when it comes to number three but know that you DO have to take action. Some people watched “The Secret” with one eye closed and missed the parts in the movie and the book that told you to take action, take inspired action now.

Watch This Feeling…

If you wanna know how to change your life for the better, get used to a certain feeling. You ever make a decision and feel like your stomach is in knots? Or feel your alarm bells going off? I had this feeling today as I made a big decision in my business. This is THE feeling that can change your life. You can change your life a little at a time but when you are about to make a BIG breakthrough you will most likely feel terrified to death! Know that you are a bringer of good in this world and you deserve happiness and that sometimes, a lot of times, those uncomfortable feelings occur right before your biggest breakthrough. Suspend your disbelief and believe that you are worthy of massive success, the alternative simply does not serve you!

To your abundance!

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