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How to Be a Happier Person


In your efforts to learn how to make money, don’t forget something even more important, this post will give you suggestions on how to be a happier person!

Ways to Be Happier

1. Give up on your need to be right. This is an arguers nightmare…the arguer LOVES to prove people wrong and be proven right, the problem is, they lose all kinds of relationships in their constant effort to be right. This might just be the single most powerful step in how to be a happier person especially IF you resonate with this.

2. Stop demanding the world walk a mile in your shoes and instead, walk in theirs. When you apologize, mean it. Don’t apologize in the hopes that the other person will see the error of their ways, the truth is they might, but don’t depend on it. Be OK if the other person doesn’t budge an inch and your happiness will be a cinch!

3. Give up that past baggage. When I repaired the relationship with my father, after 13 years of holding a grudge, my life had an opening it had never had before. You have NO IDEA what is behind that curtain of bull crap you keep holding onto. Whether it’s a business associate, family member, etc, once you give up on the past, you can THEN start to create a new future. In the below video I share a very personal story and give you suggestions on how to give up on that past, no matter how rough it was.

Video: How to be a Happier Person

Does that help you? I seriously hope it does. If you strive to learn how to be a happier person, your mind will start to look more for positive things versus what has happened to you in the past. Take an inventory of your relationships and friendships, if they are not where you might want them to be, it is very possible you have NOT been living out a life of happiness but one of being right. The good news: you can change whenever you are ready. Are you ready?

To Your Abundance!

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