Are you wondering how to attract happiness into your life?

Let me show you how. 

First, I’m going to share with you the biggest factor on how much happiness you have, and you can control it. Next, I’m going to share with you a powerful trick that I use all the time to increase my happiness. Lastly, I’m going to share with you a nighttime exercise that I do every night that helps me get the things that I want in my life that help me with happiness, joy, and even money.

What is the number one key?

The number one key is to understand it’s all about your emotions. Now, most people are slaves to their emotions, right? Something happens, they have an emotional reaction and they’re just bummed out, because they have that emotional reaction. But you can become the master of your emotions. It takes practice, it takes awareness, it takes defiance, but it is so important, because your emotions are what’s co creating the reality around you. When you hold on to any emotion, negative or positive, you get more of it, things show up in your life, that you are intending unintentionally or intentionally, that will have you propagate that same emotion. If you’re thinking about something that made you angry, and you’re really holding on to anger, you are bound and determined to be shown more things in your life that are going to also make you angry.

You can choose to change your emotions. Maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe you think…will this bad thing happen? Well, I’ve had bad things happen, that I didn’t have to have a negative emotional reaction to… I’ll give you an example. A while back I was driving (I admit it, I was in a rush, I was in a rush, I wasn’t being mindful enough). I was crossing the highway and there were…I’m in my Tesla, a pretty fast car, and two cars were coming, they were pretty close. But I’m in a Tesla, no big deal. So I punched it, wham right into the third car that I didn’t even see. My wrist got a little banged up, that’s why I’m wearing this brace. My immediate reaction wasn’t angry…my immediate reaction was, boom… and I got this very clear message that you need to be more mindful. I think I actually said this, when I was sitting in the car and I was like, “got it. I got the lesson, I did not have one ounce of anger.

It has taken some practice, there are a few things that have helped me with that, daily meditation, being hyper aware, and I just didn’t have the need to be angry. Now, that happened to me two years ago… it would have ruined my day…would have ruined my week, I would have, you know, talked all about it, how stupid I was, and all these different things. Instead, I just didn’t experience that because I know that I don’t want to experience more negative things. If I don’t want to experience more negative things then I need to not experience bad things and be aware of my emotions at all times. You can become the master of your emotions. When you become the master of your emotions, you can become the master of your results in your life, which includes happiness, which includes joy, which includes money, which includes relationships. It can include anything that you want, but you need to understand that your emotions are co creating the world around you. It’s so important for you to master them.

A powerful trick.

I promised you one powerful trick that has helped me, but I’m actually going to give you two tricks.  As you start to become aware, because there is no chance, I’m telling you, zero chance, there’s zero chance of you attracting more happiness in your life without being more aware of your emotions. It’s not going to happen. Right now you’re on default, you’re on autopilot, something bad happens, you react negatively. That lasts for however long just long enough to attract something else negative. Okay. I’m going to give you two tricks, not just one.

The first trick is, as soon as you feel negative, you become aware. Here’s how I know. I’m going to give you a quick example of how you can control your emotions. All right, let’s say it’s Christmas Eve and you are finally getting to the mall to shop and you’re racing around, you’re in a hurry. You have to get those kids some toys or they’re going to really be sad. You’re looking for a parking spot and everything’s taken. You’ve been driving around for like 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot And you see what oh, there it is up on the left. You put on your blinker like a good citizen and you go to drive in there and all of a sudden this little red sports car comes zooming into it. Oh man, How mad are you? You’ve been driving around for 30 minutes. They didn’t even acknowledge your blinker. They just zoomed right in there from out of nowhere.  You pull up, you roll down your window, you look, and out of the car comes your pastor. How’s your emotion? 

Do you still go, “Hey, buddy,” right? Do you still rip them a new one? Or are you a little perturbed, but you’re able to alter your emotion. It doesn’t have to be your pastor, it could be someone else, right? It could be someone that you respect or look up to an old teacher or professor or whatever, right? But the key here is, everyone would have the ability to alter their emotion. The two tricks are number one, when you become aware that you’re feeling negative, even if it’s fully justified. I know, you don’t understand what happened, I feel bad. I get it. I know, I know that there’s instances where you should feel bad like a car accident, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to feel bad, you don’t have to hold negative emotions.

Trick number one is when you start feeling bad, I want you to create what I call joy totems, and joy totems are little memories of things that made you smile. For me, I can think of three right off the top my- right off top my head, and I use them frequently. Number one, my six year old daughter, I came home one day, and she was in the backyard, she saw me and ran across the yard…“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” and jumps into my arms. It was such a great feeling I had missed her and she was so kind and so awesome.

Number two, my two year old playing peekaboo. He’s sitting in his chair and he’s just doing- actually he doesn’t really cover his eyes at all, you know, so he’s not really understanding the concept but it’s very funny, it made me smile.

When I think of that memory, it increases my happiness, increases my joy a little bit.

Number three, the day I fell in love with my wife, she was sick at work and I brought her soup and tea and stuff. She was so overcome with gratitude, she broke into tears. She held her face, I can see that image like it was yesterday. That made me feel really good. It made me feel really acknowledged, it made me feel special. I call upon these joy totems, whenever I’m feeling negative, to lift my emotions immediately.

The second trick is one I heard from Napoleon Hill, in his lesser known course called The Master Course. In the Master Course he says when you’re feeling down, quickly find a piece of paper and a pen, write down the 10 things you actually want in your life. What are some things that you want in your life? If you can’t make that list, and you need to work on that list, right? To help you, you could think about the five big categories that I use, which is faith, family, fitness, finance, fun, not necessarily in that order. But those five, right, that may help you to come up with things.

What are two things I would like around fitness?

What are two things I’d like to have around finances?

What are two things I’d like to have around fun?

What are two things I like around family etc.

The two tricks when you’re feeling bad is first you have to be aware, or else you’re not going to implement these tricks.

Number one, joy totems.

Number two, write a list of the 10 things you actually want your life to shift that energy.

Let’s hear from you.

I would love to hear from you. I think this will actually help you as well, what’s a memory from your past that really makes you smile that brings joy to you. Drop it in the comments, I would love to know what it is? That would be pretty cool. It will help you to really set that memory totem. You typing it out and remembering it will actually help you. Then you can call upon it when you need it.

Nighttime exercise. 

Lastly, I’ll share with you my nighttime exercise. We talk a lot about manifesting money, manifesting happiness, joy, etc. There’s two different versions of this that I teach. One is a nighttime visualization. But I’m going to give you something a little bit different, I actually do this one more often than the nighttime visualization. You going to sleep is also you pressing a button on a supercomputer known as your subconscious and telling that subconscious what you want more of in your emotion. Whatever emotion you’re holding, before you go to bed, if you fight with a spouse before bed, then unfortunately, you’re telling the supercomputer called the subconscious that you want more things to fight about, you want more things that make you angry.

It’s a non judgmental partner. It’s going to say, “okay, not what I would pick, but okay,” and so you’ll find the next day, you’re going to find things to be angry about, you’re going to find things to fight about. You get one press, most people get only one press of this button every single day, and that’s right before bed. Now, if you’re a meditator, and you’re altering your brain patterns and your brainwaves…maybe you have two pushes of a button, but everyone has one push of a button, and that’s what emotion are you holding before you go to bed? One of the things that I do…. I do this about nine times out of 10. I’ll either do visualization or this but I do this one more often… I hold a future conversation with someone about things that have happened.

I’ll give you two examples.

Number one is I’ll have a conversation and I usually have it with my favorite boss I ever had, her name was Maggie. I haven’t seen her in a long time. So it’s very easy for me to conjure this emotion, but I have a conversation with her. The two different instances are number one, I may have a 10 year from now conversation with her and we run into each other on the streets of Italy. I’m like, “Maggie,” 

“Ray oh, my goodness, catch me up. What have you been up to? I haven’t seen you in so long.”

I go through the five F’s: faith, family, finance, fitness and fun. She’s like, “tell me, about your family…”

“Oh, my goodness, I have such a great relationship with my kids. We travel all the time, we have so much fun. The company is just rocking and rolling. We’re making such a big impact. Charitably, we’re building water wells and schools and hazard houses to help with kids in foster care. I shared with her our last book…we sold it for half a million dollars, it was awesome. I’ve been speaking on the Tony Robbins stage.”

I say everything that I’m saying to her, I’m saying has already happened. This creates that vibration to your subconscious of “hey, these are the things I want to experience more of…” and you’re setting that vibration of things that have already happened, which is bringing them closer to you. That’s how the law of attraction works. That’s how vibration works in any area… how everything works. All I’m having to do is I don’t have to visualize all these different things. I just have to visualize the conversation, and how do I feel in the conversation? How does she respond? You do this or nighttime visualization and watch how your world changes.

One of the huge emotions that will absolutely help you have more happiness in your life, more joy in your life is gratitude. We have a tool that will actually help you do just that. We have a gratitude journal and it helps you on a daily basis focus on the things that you’re grateful for, and actually helps you to elicit more emotions of gratitude. This is something that will really really help you if you want more happiness and joy in your life. Here is the link,… Just click the link above to learn more.

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