This blog is in response to one of my followers on twitter. The follower is a retailer for Naples Diamonds and asked me for suggestions for online marketing of naples diamonds. I love these types of questions as I love helping local business owners. Soooo, if I were trying to market Naples Diamonds, what would I do? Here are some suggestions:

1) Review this local business marketing video, there is good information on there (me and my partner created it) and also has a very inexpensive product you can choose to buy if you would like that will have you dominate your niche locally.
2) Have a lead capturing website or landing page(s). It is always, always easier to sell to a database that has opted in to your marketing than cold prospects. You can see an example of one of mine here. It is important to give the person a reason to enter their name and email.
3) Once you have a lead capturing page, start doing geo-targeted pay per click advertising. There is less competiton on yahoo and MSN’s pay per click engines but also less traffic. Google adwords has the most competition but also the most documentation on how to use it. You can easily get good keywords for less than 50 cents a click when you target an area. I would recommend starting broad, then narrowing down to the longer tail keywords that cost much, much less. This video here explains it a little better (also free and created by yours truly)
4. Create a social media presence for Naples Diamonds. Which, the person asking the question does have. I would then set up Twollo to capture any conversations that contained “swfl”, “naples”, “naples wedding”, etc. Twollo will do the auto-following for you. I would setup Tweetlater to send auto-reply direct messages sending people a coupon or free gift that goes to a capture page (mentioned above)
5. I would use a blog to constantly hammer the names “naples diamonds”, “naples jeweler”, “naples jewelry”, etc. Over time you will easily rank on google on the front page. I rank in the front page for hundreds of keywords, some national and a lot local to SWFL. This takes some discipline but is worth it to dominate your niche.
6. I would use twitter to offer unique coupons and promotions, these work.
7. I would do joint ventures with other marketing heavyweights that have the same client as naples diamonds, such as wedding photographers, limo companies, catering companies, bridal shops, etc.

Well, there are some tips for you from the Naples Twitter guy, hope these help you in your quest. Obviously for you non-jewelers, you can apply all these to your niche easily too.

Ray Higdon
Naples Twitter guy sharing tips on marketing naples diamonds

If you are a local business owner, you would be pretty silly to not steal this local business marketing video from me!