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How I Got 77 Leads on a Sunday by 5:13pm At No Cost

First of all let me tell you that today was not that overwhelming of a difference from most other days. I would guess I average anywhere from 40-90 new leads per day that come in through my different sites somewhere but I imagine there are lots of people not getting this many leads coming in each day so I thought I would share how I have this happening on pretty much a daily basis.

This did not happen overnight

If you do not have a website currently, you will not get 77 optin leads if you decide to put up a site tomorrow, it just won’t happen. It has taking me awhile to tweak, test and track different ways to get traffic until I came up with the approach I currently use. Lots of wasted time, effort and money on approaches that did not work but I kept gaining knowledge to help get me to this point (and I am still learning every single day).

Where did most of the leads come from?

The majority of leads came from my Facebook Fan Page Optin. This is one of the hottest strategies out there right now. You add a tab on your fan page and make it an optin, you can see mine at Ray Higdon Fan Page. In fact, while you are over there be sure to like it and optin! Now I created that fan page and optin within 7 minutes by being a beta platinum member of My Lead System Pro but you do not have to be a member to create something like that. In fact, I found a cool tutorial on How to create a facebook fan page optin, I am admittedly not that technical so I am glad MLSP has a sweet little dropdown template I could use but you can use that tutorial to create one if you like the techie stuff or don’t want to invest in an attraction marketing system.

Facebook optin pages are becoming a favorite strategy to send facebook pay per click traffic too, which, I have actually created but my ads have not been approved yet so none of the optins that came in were from pay per click. By the way, I watched a 3 part video series on Facebook PPC, you can watch for free here. (that page is for Video 3 but has links to the prior 2 on the page) If you create an optin for your fan page, you want to offer value. On my page I am offering Free weekly webinars on generating leads online, which, a lot of people are interested in (apparently).

What about the rest of the leads? Where did they come from?

The rest of the leads came from my different silos. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are all silos. I have well over 50,000 twitter followers (Ray Higdon Twitter) , over 2,500 facebook friends with a group of over 1,300 and over 200 subscribers on my youtube (Ray Higdon Youtube , I had over 900 but got youtube slapped a few months ago, DARN YOU YOUTUBE!). Now, all of those connections took time. Often I am talking to someone who does not have a blog, does not have anything to talk about and doesn’t know how to market. My recommendations to them is to start building their connections so that when they are ready to start creating content, they are not starting from scratch with zero listeners. As quickly as possible you want to start creating content that attracts others. What tips, tricks, strategies or secrets are people looking for in your industry. Although my industry is network marketing, you want to understand this for any industry. What makes you look like an expert? If you have no experience, start interviewing people you look up to or people that have the type of lifestyle you want and using that as content.

Attraction marketing is how I got 77 leads today, oops, make that 91!

Become the person of value, become an asset that those in your industry and your life will become easier. The more value you create for others the more wealth you will be able to easily accumulate, if, that is what you want.

Learn the tactics that attract people to your website and blog like a magnet and then, every once in awhile, in a non-pushy way, tell them what you are up to personally and they will want to work with you. When you become good at attraction marketing, you set the rules!

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