I am a Fort myers coach and where I am not usually advising someone as to their diet, ever since I started mine some of my clients and students have asked me what I am doing to lose weight and get more tone. So here are some of the things I am doing to accomplish that!

1) Eating every 2 hours, but it has to have some amount of protein.
2) The protein I use is EAS’s big bag of whey protein that you can get for $27 at Sams or Costco. I use a half teaspoon of splenda and chocolate soyslim milk that you can get at Wal-Mart and some publixes (it is much cheaper at wal-mart)
3) I work out with weights about an hour a day. I use what some might call “girly weight” as I will see the dudes to my left and right lifting 2-3 times what I am but they are using horrible form and will, if they have not already, hurt themselves. I use slow, really strict form and get a killer pump. As my friend Juli taught me, form is everything!
4) If I desire something sweet, I try, (but don’t always accomplish) to make a protein shake rather than hit coldstone. Again, I don’t always accomplish that!
5) I take a couple different supplements but know that there is no magic pill (unfortunately)
6) If I am feeling rundown or tired, I exercise! We have unlimited energy and when we are down, working out gives me massive energy!

I hope these tips help you!

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Coach