Today I will be sharing how to motivate others

to achieve business goals.

First thing I’m going to share is the number one way to motivate others. Next I’m going to give you the big warning regarding motivating others. Lastly, I’m going to give you a very powerful exercise to increase the performance of others.

What is the number one way to motivate others?

It’s very simple, you be a motivating person based on your activity. For example, if you’re in network marketing, the best thing you can do for your team is build a new one. Do the things you wish they were doing and not be addicted to them doing it as well. You be the type of person that inspires people. That’s through your action, not through your talk. A lot of people achieve some level of success and then they want to get into being a motivational speaker and they stop doing the things that were working. They rely on others or are hoping others do it. You showing up powerfully and doing the work on yourself is what is going to have more people step up. When they see you as the great example.

I’m a great example of this, over the last year and a half to two years I’ve been on a very deep personal journey. Now my wife and I have already made tens of millions of dollars online, built an INC 5000 company and have been the number one income earner of a network marketing company and our best-selling author’s, but there were still pieces of myself that were not whole or complete. About a year ago I started meditating and it’s helped me to be more joyful, lighter and how to have less social anxiety. Since then I’m showing up differently and have had a lot of people come on board as coaching clients that want to be inspired.

I have one client right now that makes a ton of money (actually last night he just hired me for the entire year). He makes four to five million dollars a month but I’m helping him navigate his emotions and helping him become more powerful, so that he’s not so easily agitated, he is happier and has more fulfillment and joy. That comes from him watching me. I did not try to motivate him. I didn’t even know he was watching me to be honest. When he saw the transformation in me, he wanted the same. He wanted it so he hired me for a very large amount. The best way for you to motivate others is for you to be motivated yourself. You be the person that you wish you were meeting, the person that you wish was on your team and doing the activities you wish they were doing.

One warning when it comes to motivating others.

The one warning, you can not want it more for them than they want it for themselves. I know that that’s a popular thing to say. I know leaders say this…I hear it all the time. I want it more for them than they do. Well put yourself in their shoes. What does that make them? It makes them your disappointment. When someone’s your disappointment (that’s an energetic relationship), they remain your disappointment, they do not all of a sudden surprise you. They are constantly in that state of disappointment. Now, depending on what it is that you’re doing for business whether you’re running a sales team or running a network marketing business, if someone feels like a disappointment then they usually break the relationship, right? They usually leave the job or they leave your network marketing team.

You never want to want it more for them than they do for themselves. You want to be able to be neutral and be able to give them suggestions, advice, point or guide and direct them, but only based on how much work they’re willing to do and their level of desire. Too often leaders are trying to take their insane level of desire and cram it into the souls of others. When you are trying to do that it does not work out. It comes across as pushy or aggressive and at the end of the day it makes the person feel like they’re just not enough or they are just a big fat disappointment to you. Be very careful when it comes to motivating others and get them rocking and rolling.

We have a leadership book that talks a lot about culture. Culture is “the making of people to feel good regardless of their level of desire or level result.” For example, if you run a network marketing organization then you should think much more about how to make everyone feel good for being a part of the organization. How do I keep them around the campfire, because the longer they keep around the campfire, the more likely they’ll catch a spark. Stop trying to cram your insane goals onto everyone around you because it’s annoying, they feel like disappointments and it’s not helping.

I want to hear from you! 

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What are some examples that you have seen of things that were meant to be motivating but we’re actually demotivating. I would love to hear about it. We always want to make sure (especially in our corporate culture) that we never do that kind of stuff, so maybe you have some examples that would help me personally. I willing to bet you would have some examples that would really help the other people reading this post.  Drop it in the comments. Let me know what are some things that were meant to be motivating to you but actually kind of demotivated you.

What is the powerful exercise to increase the performance of others?

Here is a powerful exercise that not only can help increase the performance of others in a very interesting way, but can also help you manifest a lot of different things in your life. I have used this many, many times.

First, I want to share with you one example of how I used it and then we will get into how you can use it to improve the performance of others in a very wild way. This is an exercise that I was taught by one of my mentors, Sain Raha. It is something that is very powerful.

Let me tell you how I used it once very, very effectively. I was about to go out to las Vegas and I was going to be a keynote speaker for this large network marketing company. I reach (it’s Thursday and I’m about to fly out…I’m speaking on Saturday) I reach out to my team and the order forms are not ready, the PowerPoint is not updated, the shipment hasn’t got there yet and I think there was one other issue. I have to tell you I was agitated and one thing that I am good at, is I’m very aware of my emotions. If I get into an emotion that I don’t want, I very quickly get out of it by doing something that will help me change it. This is one of the exercises that I do. I decided to do this exercise that was taught to me. It’s where you express, not suppress, you express all the negative stuff around a situation that’s on your mind and then you switch gears and you express all the things you actually want.

Here’s exactly what I did… you stand up, eyes closed and mentally say this okay you mentally say the things that- I mentally said the things I’m about to share with you. You turn counterclockwise at first, very slowly (you shouldn’t get dizzy) counterclockwise is to your left and I expressed all the things that was agitating me about the situation. I said, the paper forms are not going to be ready, the shipment is not going to get there and then I really stepped it up. I said, I’m going to bomb on stage, the company’s never going to want to work with me, it’s going to be a complete waste of time for me and all the attendees.

After I exhausted all the things that I didn’t want, I said these five things and I stopped I went clockwise, the direction of creation which is to your right. I said number one, the company rehires me immediately. Number two, the number one income earner hires me. Number three, they form a leadership group and they pay me to train these leaders. Number four, sales are through the roof and number five, people come up to me with tears in their eyes saying it’s the greatest presentation they’ve ever seen.

Now those are some big things.

All five happened.

After my speech in Vegas the company rehired me immediately for three months, the number one income earner hired me, they created a leadership group that paid me, sales were through the roof and I had probably 20 people come up to me with tears in their eyes saying it was the most powerful presentation they had ever seen. I’m not saying that this will work exactly like that every single time but boy, has it helped me a bunch of different times.

How does this play into getting more performance out of people around you? Start saying the things that are bugging you about them and then start saying what it is that you actually want from them. That might look like “my team is so lazy, they’re not motivated, they’re not doing anything, I wish they would step it up, they’re not stepping up, they’re just a big waste of time...” then go the other direction. Go clockwise and say what is it that you actually want. “I have a high performance team, they are amazing in every way, they are grateful for me and they’re producing at an extremely high level and I love, love, love the amazing performance of my team.” You start doing that little exercise every single day and watch how things change in your life. I know for you, maybe you’re skeptical, right? Why don’t you try it, try it for seven days and you can go back to being grumpy’s, and you can go back to not thinking that these kind of things work. I’ve had it work for me way too many times to discount it so I highly suggest you try it.

Would you like more help? 

If you would like more help around this my wife and I have a book that may help, Time, Money, Freedom. It is published by Hay House and is a best-selling book. The book is our 10 simple rules to radically redefine and reshape your life. If you want help around having a better mindset, getting more performance out of yourself and others, this book may really help. Here is the link Click the link and it will take you over to our site. You can pick from audible, hardback or paperback. I hope that really helps you.

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