Here’s me having Christmas Dinner with my former wife, her new fiancee and their family!

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So this Christmas my former wife asked me if I wanted to do Christmas dinner with her, her new fiancee and their families. Typically every year I get the kids on Christmas Eve and she gets them Christmas day, so, I asked the kids if they would like me to be there and they were excited so I decided to do it! It is funny. I have told this story to some people and have heard lots of horror stories about ex’s or how I must be strong to do that or how hard it must have been. It was really easy! It is pointless to hold grudges and if the new person in your ex’s life is good to them, good to the kids, then embrace them because there are far worse things that could happen!

Here’s a picture of me doing shots with my ex’s new fiancee and her brothers! LOL

Christmas with ex

Christmas with ex

Forgiveness is giving up on the idea that the past could have been any different

Ray Higdon

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