Help to those struggling to market their MLM on Facebook


As a top earner in network marketing with my main number of signups coming from the Internet, mainly Facebook, I get asked questions all the time on how to respond to people via facebook when marketing your mlm. Facebook is an awesome, awesome place to find people for your network marketing company IF you play by a certain number of rules. Now, what most network marketers using Facebook really need is some marketing guidance and this blog and video should help you with that:

So, in this scenario, my girlfriend was doing what I do which is I send straight forward messages to people on facebook with a quick line seeing if I can get a quick no. Sometimes, it will generate a yes as I typically enroll 1-3 people a week from Facebook that I have never met. Now, for one person she sent a message to, that person then posted a blatant advertising message on her public wall, something a leader would never do. So, I suggested to her to delete the ad from her wall and then send a private message offering assistance with marketing ideas for facebook that may actually work. You always want to offer value and even if someone does not join your business, they will want to hang around you if you are someone who always offers value.

Hope that helps you all!

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