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Headline Writing Tips

Should you bother learning how to write headlines? Writing good headlines is one of the big differences between someone hacking away at trying to make $14 and someone who cannot turn off their sales funnel that brings them in $19,000+ a month. In this blog I am going to give you some solid headline writing tips that has helped me generate interest and sales and will help you as well. Whether you are trying to get more optins to your page or sell your information product, writing good headlines will assuredly make you more money.

“Local Deli Owner Swears Under Oath That His Matzo Ball Soup Doesn’t Contain Any Illegal Addictive Ingredients.”

Did that grab your attention? You bet it did! That headline is a famous one that Yanik Silver wrote for his uncle that owned a deli. If that was the headline of an article, would you read it? Even if you hated matzo ball soup there is a good chance you would read it. Writing good headlines is about getting attention and then drawing them in.

World War II Never Happened and I’ll prove it

How about that one? This is a famous one from the Mike Dillard. Could you not resist reading an article with that headline just to see what the hell he was talking about? You should consciously spend time working at and writing good headlines if you ever want to start converting your traffic,  and prospects into sales.

It’s True, Those Online Marketing Systems Just Don’t Work

This is a sample email subject line of one I just sent out to my database promoting what I use as an attraction marketing system. In fact, here is the full email:

I have seriously had it with all those
infomercials and online ads that promise
ridiculous returns or traffic or leads,
after buying 16 different systems that
all made similar promises, I have completely
determined that NONE of them work.

If they are promising you stupid overnight results
know that it is probably baloney, don’t ever fall
for it again!

Now, in spending all this time and money testing
and trying to have faith in these systems I have
found one thing that I can endorse and stand behind
but before you jump for joy and get excited, I just
want to make one thing clear…

It doesn’t work.

That’s right, “it” doesn’t work, but, it does
teach you step by step, screenshot by screenshot,
by video, how to setup a lead generation system
that can easily and instantly brand yourself online
and have your friends wondering what the heck you
are having for breakfast.

This is the fastest way I know of to look like an
expert, to attract more leads than you have ever seen
come in to your funnel, and it then shows you how to
make an extra $300-$900 per week by simply copying and

But, before you even think about joining, head over and
watch this video before they take it down

They will teach you the 3 ways to make money using the
Internet using

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Advertising Arbitrage

Head over to http://www.NoHomeMeetings.com for full

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800

So what are some of the elements I used? I told them what they believe in that a lot of people have tried different marketing systems that did not work for them. Now, I fully believe there are more people out there NOT willing to do the work than systems that actually don’t work but that is a different subject. Then, I tell them that even the system I am promoting doesn’t work either but it does take them step by step how to set  it up. I then used an emotional point of referencing their friends and what they will think which is very powerful to use. In reality, we don’t care to have a big house, boat or car, most just want to have the feelings that are generated when your friends comment and compliment you on your life status.

Writing Good Headlines is About Psychology

Writing good headlines or copy is all about psychology. Did you notice in the end of my email I said there were three things that the system taught but I only listed 2? I had a few people email me asking about the third but I am sure some just clicked to find out. You have to get people curious if you want them to take action.

Hope these headline writing tips have helped you understand how important they are in your marketing. At a recent Internet marketing conference I heard the overwhelming majority of speakers stress that copywriting was the number one skill to learn when marketing ANYTHING. There are lots of resources out there to learn more, I like Mike Dillards Copywriting Guild but there are plenty of other resources out there that you can find by searching around.

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