Let me ask you a question. Have they convinced you that you cannot succeed? Have they convinced you that this market is impossible? Have they convinced you that the market turning around is the only thing that can help you?
Well, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is shame on you for letting an outside force or entity to control your outcomes but the good news is…


First of all, who are THEY? They can be the media, your friends, your family members, your parents…it may even be those from your childhood. Perhaps you saw your parents go through tough times and recall how tough that was and you are simply reliving those memories in your current life.

There are two quick things you can do RIGHT NOW to change, it will take some time and dedication but, they are FREE and what the heck is your alternative?

First things first, if the person giving you advice is struggling, not a millionaire, or does not live the type of life you wished that you lived, STOP LISTENING TO THEM. Take this one step further and learn how to only accept that advice that HELPS you toward your goals. Want some examples?
The statement that I hear over and over is “It is tough to make money in this market”. Well, if you read my past blog at http://theforeverwealthclub.com/blog/date/2008/11 you know that 2008 marked the year that more billionaires were created than ever before, so, just take that statement and throw it out the window or continue believing it and like James Ray says: Your wish is my command! You see, if you simply make statements like that or believe them, you force them to become true. And yes, I am talking about the law of attraction but it really goes deeper than that. In the bible when Moses and his people were in the desert, the people came to Moses and told them they didn’t have water. So what did he tell them to do? He told them to pray for rain. When he visited them and they cried about praying and praying but no rain showing up, he asked them where the ditches were. They looked puzzled and asked what he meant. He said, and this is so important to understand, where did you expect the rain to go if you didn’t dig ditches?


You need to have an invisible force field around you that protects you from all malignant statements. Negative statements about your future are cancerous and need to be quickly thrown away. Negative events also need to be used for what they are meant to be used for. Let me give you an example.

I got a massage the other day and I came out to my car and the car would not start. The battery was so dead that my door locks would not even work and I had an important meeting to get to. Did I sit there and moan and groan? Did I say how much it sucked and say woe is me? No, my very first thought, the one that came to me instantly was, I wonder who I am supposed to meet for this to happen. You see, everything happens for a reason. Every bad event in your life happens for a reason. They may happen because you do not currently hold the mental state to accomplish a goal you are focusing on. They may happen because had your life gone on as planned, you would have missed out on something wonderful. Heck, they may happen to save you from something even worse! So, back to my car not working…
After I called AAA, I grabbed some food and sat on a bench outside of an animal hospital. A lady came out about 2 minutes later, obviously distraught, and asked if she could sit down beside me. I said sure (and kind of laughed inside on how fast this one happened). She got on the phone and called someone, I assume her husband, and expressed her dismay at the health conditions of her dog. When she got off the phone I told her that I hoped her dog would get better soon. She spent the next 40 minutes telling me all about her dogs, how she rescues animals and how much she loves her pets. I sat there quietly and listened, contributing where I could but let her go on and on about her pets. After all this time, she got up, looked at me, told me I was a great guy, thanked me for listening and went about her day. She looked infinitely better than she did when she came out of that hospital. I don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you that you can make a huge difference in someone’s life by just listening to them. Now, another interesting thing that happened is when the AAA driver arrived, I didn’t have cash to tip him so I looked in my trunk, found an unopened set of Audio CD’s for the secret, which, he had never heard of, and gave them to him. Hopefully he will get something out of them and change his life as I did when I first listened to them.

Now, ready to change your life? Ready to wipe those excuses out of existence? Then let’s do it RIGHT NOW! I told my good friend Tim Hart this step and he calls me every couple days to tell me that something else just happened from doing it.

Every single day, write down what you want to accomplish in the present tense.
If your immediate response is that you don’t have time, then I am here to tell you that you are full of crap and get over it. I write a page and a half every single day no matter what and it takes about 15 minutes to do. Here are some of my more generic ones that you can instantly use as examples:

I feel wonderful now that I only have fantastic things happen to me.
I am so happy that I have such wonderful personal and business relationships.
I feel so happy that I have so much money coming in from all kinds of avenues.

If you notice the pattern, I am stating them in the present tense, only using positive terms and saying them with emotion. Do not worry if you have a hard time believing your statements at first, with repetition and not listening to negative forces around you, they will start to stick. To start this process, pick one statement and focus on something you can measure shortly. The more you see results, the more you believe, the more they will start to work. If someone owes you money, then write a statement saying how grateful you are that you were paid from that person.


The great Tony Robbins was in New York City and told his team that he wanted to go around and give bags of food to the homeless. He told them to rent a van so they could transport the food. Hours later he asked where the van was and they said there were no vans available as they had called all the rental places. Determined to get his way he went into traffic and started knocking on the windows of vans, stating what he wanted to accomplish and if they would let him use their van. After 30 minutes he knocked on the window of the head of the salvation army and accomplished his goal.



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Make it an Awesome Day!