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Has Efficiency Tempted You Away From Your REAL Target Audience?

OK, I just ALMOST fell into an efficiency trap. I was talking to one of my PR people and working on a new marketing campaign for my Network Marketing company and I was talking about what would be the most efficient way to write the marketing piece up. We started down the path of what we knew would be the most efficient, working on the general public’s cynicism, skepticism, and fears. You probably know what I am talking about but here are some examples that simply work for the general public:

“Is XXX MLM Company a Scam?”

“What They Won’t Tell You About Network Marketing That May Save Your Money”

“Before You Join, What The Owners of XXX MLM Company Don’t Want You To Know”

You know, the typical copywriting formula where you play the general publics worries and natural skepticism against them. But, I stopped myself midway through this campaign creation and asked myself the question you should always ask yourself when creating a marketing campaign, “Who Do I Want To Work With”? Such a powerful question, isn’t it? Do I really want to work with cynical and skeptical people that still have the ridiculous draconian idea that MLM is bad or a scheme? The answer is no. I have focused my efforts on recruiting quality marketers that I actually want to work with rather than those who I have to convince everyday that MLM is a legitimate business. I have actually brought several multi-million dollar earners into my primary and it is because I attracted them! Now, there is no question that as far as shear numbers, the other way works better, but, if you want quality, you should specify exactly what type of person you want to work with and I bet, that knowledge may have you looking at your existing marketing campaigns and determining this is NOT what you have been marketing to.

What if you got less leads in but each lead could be the superstar you want to work with? Isn’t that better than dealing with 100 tire kicker leads to get to one decent one? Now, I recommend this in dating as well! You may laugh but two years ago after I got out of an engagement I sat down and wrote down a list of all the qualities in a person I wanted and I started being a person that would attract that type of person and I did. Funny thing is I lost that list I wrote down and recently found it in a kitchen drawer and my girlfriend fits the list to a tee! You can do the same thing with your prospects. Are they of a particular political persuasion? I can tell you mine are. Are they in a certain geographical area? Do they like certain books or TV Shows? Make this list and you may increase the bang for the buck of every marketing dollar you spend from now on.

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