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Happy 1 Year Pre-Launch Anniversary Numis Network!

Today is a momentous day for Numis Network! On May 15th, 2009, Chris Kent, Ian Cordell and Jake Kevorkian held a meeting at Chris Kents house in Tampa, Florida. At that initial meeting they announced their intentions and officially pre-launched Numis Network. Now, they did NOT cut a huge check to bring in an industry heavy hitter, at the top of the organization they placed Chris and Jake’s daughters. In what was to become a symbol of the company, this whole thing started with a private business reception.

I joined Numis Network back in July. They came out of pre-launch and officially launched the company on August 15th, 2009. I recall when I started all we had was a 2009 Ms-70 American Silver Eagle and ZERO marketing materials. Now we have over 65 different coins, a Numis Newsletter, a PBR system, ShopNumis.com, Numis1.com, a presentation DVD, a killer powerpoint and, of course, a whole lot more reps! My number is 2131 in the company (they started at 1,000).

Fast forward 12 months and we now have more interest in Gold and Silver than ever before. We have more financial distress in the country than ever before. We also broke 9,000 Numis Network representatives last week. The toughest part to build this business is over now. Now that we have the tools in place, those that got in and stuck to their guns, are primed to do very, very well in the coming years.

Just want to show my gratitude to the Numis Network founders as I am so thankful this company came into my life when it did. I had done well in real estate but the last 2 years had been very, very tight. In fact, at one point, not too long before Numis, I had reached pretty dire financial straits with around $300 in my bank account! To have hit the top money earner spot in Numis Network is a display that ANYONE can accomplish anything, if they put their mind to it.Not only that but through Numis Network I have hit the current top rank (5 Star), won a 5 Day Trip To St Kitts, a 3 Day Cruise to the Bahamas and an 8 Day Cruise (with $500 spending cash) to Grand Cayman, Isle Roaton, Cozumel, Belize and Honduras! And to top it off, I have amassed an awesome graded Gold and Silver Coin Collection!

Here’s to three great leaders and another 12 months of financial abundance with Gold and Silver assets!

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