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Are your Network Marketing Prospects flaking out? All ready to sign up and then they just didn’t?

Here I share exactly what to say to these prospects that may just get them to finally take the plunge to sign up.

How To Handle Flaky Network Marketing Prospects

This comes down to a posture thing. It comes down to: Are you a professional?

One example I always use is I always use the example of like a partner in a law firm.

Let’s just pretend for a second we’re a partner in a law firm. The law firm’s doing $50 million a year. We’re doing pretty good. We’re on the top of our game. Someone comes to you, someone that you know, maybe you went to high school with them, and they say, “Hey, I’m looking at some legal needs and I’d love to book an appointment with you.”  You say, “Okay, cool. Normally my secretary handles this. But, you know what, how about Monday at 2:00? I can meet with you, man. You’re an old friend. Why not?” They say, “Monday at 2:00. I’ll be there.”

Monday at 2:00, they don’t show. You’re a partner in a law firm. $50 million a year law firm. How often do you reach out to them and say, “We scheduled a meeting. What’s going on? You weren’t here.”

If you say more than once, you’re delusional.

Investing In Your Business

Just because network marketing is the lowest overhead business that you could ever start, doesn’t mean you should treat it different than any other business.

A partner and I bought an advertising franchise for about $40,000. You can get a McDonald’s for a $1 million and spend $100,000 on Hamburger University. 7-Eleven goes for a little bit over $1 million or a Domino’s franchise goes for $250,000. Just because it’s a few hundred dollars (a few steak dinners) to start your network marketing empire doesn’t mean that’s how you should treat it.

When I was dead broke in personal foreclosure, needed money like air to breathe…. When I was in that state I still treated my business like a million dollar business. And it grew into one.

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Following Up With Prospects

Here’s exactly what I would do:

If I have someone says, “Hey, I’m ready to rock and roll.”

I’m going to say, “Cool. What’s your mailing address? Where do you want the check sent?”

If they stop that flow, I’m going to find out why are we stopping the flow. I’m just going to say,  “Why aren’t you signing up right now?”

I’ll follow up with them a couple times. Maybe they say, “You know what? Just give me a second. Call me Wednesday.”

I’ll give them that honor. I’ll call them Wednesday and I might call them two times. I might call them three times.

Maybe second or third time, I’m going to say,  “You said you were going to move forward, wasn’t able to honor that word, and you haven’t joined us. Totally fine. I’m not mad. But I’m just going to let you know I have a lot of people that I work with and I’m dealing with a lot of professionals, a lot of business owners, a lot of people that take it fairly seriously. And, so if you’re not sure if you want to join, it’s totally cool. I’m just going to let you know I’ll be here if you want to join but I’m probably not going to be following up with you.”

Changing The Source of Power

Too often network marketers give their prospect all the power.

We place prospects on a pedestal.  It’s just nuts. It’s insane. For more on how to flip flop the source of uncertainty off you and back on your prospect, check out the video below. Here I share a few tips on positioning yourself as a professional for the BEST possible results.

Hopefully that helps you out. Don’t chase people, it weakens you.

What did you think of that? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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