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The Overwhelmed Network Marketer is NOT Rare

How, as a network marketer, do you get past the feeling of overwhelm? Let’s first define what overwhelm is. Overwhelm means that you’re aware of a lot of things you should be doing, you’re just not doing them. You cannot, it’s impossible to feel overwhelmed when you’re in action.

You can only feel overwhelmed in your mind. You can feel overwhelmed when you take your foot off the gas and you stop and think of all the things you need to do. That’s when you can feel overwhelmed. You can’t feel overwhelmed when you’re running. I watched the NBA finals. Go Calvs. My wife’s from Ohio, which we happen to be in right now, Way to go, Cleveland.

When a basketball player is on the court they can’t feel overwhelmed. They can’t think about negativity in their head because they’re catching the ball. They’re running down the court. They’re shooting the hoop. They don’t have time to think about all the things they didn’t do, all the negative things, overwhelm, if they’re disappointed and whatever.

They’re in the game. The network marketer that has time to think about the word overwhelm is the person not in the game. It’s the person in the stands. It’s the person that sees all the things that they could be doing or should be doing or might want to do for their business. They’re just not doing them. I want you to embrace something said by A.L. Williams. A.L. Williams said, all you can do is all you can do is enough. Progress. Not perfection. Focus on progress.

We didn’t have a hugely producing website over night. My first six months of blogging I barely got any shares, I barely got any comments. I barely got any leads. I just kept doing it and I kept progressing. The enemy of overwhelm is progress. If you don’t progress every single day then it’s so easy for you to sit there and think about how overwhelmed you are. I’ll tell you a phrase that I came up with a few years ago, and that is, the ability to say woe is me shows the abundance of inactivity.

You can’t talk about or even think about how bad things are when you’re in action. If you want to defeat overwhelm get into action. In fact, why don’t you create psychological triggers that said any time your brain thinks the word disappointed, overwhelmed, frustrated, you get into action, you pick up the phone, you go and make it happen. You go and create that video. You go do whatever you should be doing to build your business and you know what you should be doing. Stop staying up here. I know so many people that they just stay up here and they’re overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, don’t know what to do. Get into action. Stop it. Just stop it. Get into action. You can’t think about those things when you’re in massive action.

Video on Fighting Overwhelm

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