Growing a Successful Business

Growing a Successful Business can be sometimes challenging while working full time, but if you really make the time you can have success with growing your business.

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growing a successful business

How She Built A Successful Business While Working Full Time

Ray Higdon: We have an amazing, amazing young lady going to be on the stage here shortly, I’ll bring her up and super excited for this. This is someone who is, she’s the mother of two boys, happily married, been with the company for six years. And she built at first a six figure business while working full time. How many are interested in that? That’s amazing. And she just recently had her biggest month ever, over seven million in sales volume. And we’re actually in a pretty cool project together that we’ll share with you, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. And so this is something you probably want to tag some people on, you may even want to share this out because if you know people that would like to hit a six figure business while still working full time, then they may want to hear what we are about to share. And so let’s put on our party hats, let’s make it happen, drop her some love, drop her some gratitude, and help me welcome up Stephanie Mize. Stephanie, how are you?

Stephanie Mize: Hey, I’m great. How are you?

Ray Higdon: Awesome. Well, thanks for joining us today. I know you got a busy family life, a busy professional life. You’re rocking it out and we just really appreciate you coming on here. And I don’t know, did I mention it? So we’re doing a cool book project together which we’ll share in a little bit and I threw it out to the group a little weekend leads challenge, and Stephanie killed it, she crushed it. She crushed the dreams of so many other people, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth, “Why did Stephanie beat me so badly?” But Stephanie, you killed it during the contest. So we’ll talk about that too but how are you doing today? I’ve been ranting and raving about you.

Stephanie Mize: Yeah, no, I’m doing great. I’m just so excited to be here. It’s such an honor and a privilege you guys to be on screen with Ray Higdon so I’m beyond honored to be here.

Ray Higdon: Aww, I appreciate it, appreciate it. So talk to me a little bit. First, I always like, anyone successful in the network marketing space, I always like to ask a question, “How did you get introduced to network marketing? What got you to go there?”

Stephanie Mize: Well, so before I actually joined my company, I was a total network marketing skeptic. I was that person, “I’m not buying what you’re selling. I have a real job. I don’t need your supplemental income kind of thing.” And so for me it wasn’t–

Ray Higdon: You didn’t have an anti-MLM YouTube channel.

Stephanie Mize: No, no, no, no. I wasn’t anti, I just wasn’t interested.

Ray Higdon: Okay, okay.

Stephanie Mize: I wasn’t bashing MLM publicly. In my mind I was like, “Yeah, I’m not buying what you’re selling,” kind of thing.

Ray Higdon: Cool.

Stephanie Mize: Because I had a real job, I had been in corporate America with the same company for 24 years.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Stephanie Mize: Absolutely loved what I did. In this day and age, you don’t hear that.

Ray Higdon: Can you share what were you doing? I’m just curious.

Stephanie Mize: Yeah. I was an executive in the oil and gas industry and so I did a million different things. I was on the executive management team, and being there 24 years, I literally started out as a baby and I started off as a receptionist and I just worked my way through. I got my degree and I was able to get in management. And so–

Ray Higdon: I like people to hear that because I’m willing to bet that there’s someone on here that knows a company exec and they just assume they’re way too professional for nevermind. There’s no way they would ever do my home business, but here you are, very successful. So I just like people to hear that. So go ahead.

Stephanie Mize: Yeah, no. And I think that’s such a good point because even for me, because I was successful in what I did, I never even thought to look at network marketing. But somebody had introduced me to the product, they asked me to sample it and I’m like, “Sure, I’ll sample. I’ll be supportive and sample your product.” And I got the samples in, I fell in love, and even though I still wasn’t looking for an opportunity, I wasn’t looking to do a business, I knew enough about network marketing, direct sales that, hey, I wanted to get the products at a discount. So I signed up as a product user essentially and I just started sharing over time. I kind of caught the vision of what was possible and I just started sharing the opportunity.

Ray Higdon: That’s awesome. Was there a moment where you went from, “I’m just kind of sharing this whatever,” and then you’re like, “Wait a minute, this might actually work.” Was there any kind of moments like that?

Stephanie Mize: Yeah, absolutely. So it was like a couple months in and corporate had come to town and they were doing an event like a in-person event where you can invite guests. And it was kind of there that I caught the vision. I’m like, “Okay, I could maybe actually see myself doing this,” and people were really interested in what I had to offer. And it really took a while. So I feel like I kind of had my foot in the water or my toe in the water as they say. I wasn’t fully committed, I wasn’t all in.

And at the end of that first year, being in the oil and gas industry in that year, it was 2015, I had actually taken a significant pay cut in my management position and my network marketing company had made up for that pay cut. And so it was kind of at that point, I was like, “Okay, God, I hear what you’re saying. I’m listening now.” I kind of had my toe dipped in the water and then after that I was fully committed.

Ray Higdon: Wow. I’m curious, so when you say executive, you’re executive oil and gas, how many hours a week? Is that a standard 40? Is that more than that? How demanding was that job?

Stephanie Mize: Oh no, that’s a great question. So I was working 60 plus hours a week.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Stephanie Mize: And that was just at the office, right? So then I would come home, I would feed my family, I would put the boys to bed and then I would hop on the laptop and I would knock out some other projects that needed to be done. And so I don’t feel like I ever had time off. Even when I was on vacation, I had my laptop and I was still working.

Ray Higdon: Right. So, how much time a day were you even able to put into network marketing?

Stephanie Mize: That’s a great question. I love it when people tell me why I don’t have enough time because I’m like, “Listen sister, I hear you.” I had zero time. But it really boiled down to the desire to want something different for myself and for my family. And so when I say that I was working my business in the nooks and crannies, I would literally take a 15 minute break and go out to my car and call people, or text people. I would be driving into work, driving in the car on the way to work listening to training calls, driving in the car on the way home on a three-way call with my upline. That’s literally how I worked it in. And so it wasn’t like I had an endless amount of time to build this business. I had no time.

Ray Higdon: That’s awesome. Drop some love, smash that like button, the love button if you’re getting value from this because I just think it’s awesome. And I mean that’s exactly what I did too. When I was in my last job, I was in the IT department and database administrator and I stopped going to lunch with my coworkers, I started bringing in my lunch, I started working on my lunch. For me, I didn’t sit in my car, I walked around the lake, made phone calls, I listened to training on the way into work. So I mean, it’s really exactly what I did too. I don’t think I worked, I didn’t work as many hours as you were but that’s just people, I love your message, your messages, “Hey, if you truly want to make it happen, you will find a way.” And it’s not abundance of time that makes people successful part-time, it’s the use of time, it’s the management of time. And so I just love that, that’s just so awesome.

So, was it weird making the decision to leave that job? Did you leave the job? I didn’t even ask. [crosstalk].

Stephanie Mize: Yeah, no, I did.

Ray Higdon: Okay. All right, okay.

Stephanie Mize: I did, eventually. So I started my business in 2015 and then 2017, we had a convention and there was a network marketing speaker there. And he said something that really got me. And he’s like, “There’s so many of you in this room that haven’t made the decision. You haven’t made the decision that you’ve going all in.” And even though I had been doing it two years, even though I felt like I had made that decision, there was still something holding me back from actually walking away from corporate America. I had been with that same company

Ray Higdon: The safety [inaudible] something. It’s like, “I’m safe.”

Stephanie Mize: Yeah, it was safety. Right. And the truth of it is, it really wasn’t safe because in those past two years, even though I’d loved my job prior to that, there was a lot of changes. Like I said, it was the oil and gas industry, there was a lot of changes in the economy, there were a lot of changes in our company and in management. And so I had kind of gotten to the point where there were literally some days I would drive home and I would cry. Because I’m like, “This was the most miserable day ever. What am I actually doing? Why am I still going to this job?” So I was at that event and they were like, “You haven’t made the decision that you’re going all in.” And it was kind of at that moment. And oddly enough, the event was in Houston and I live in Houston.

And so I drove home, and I’m like, “As soon as I get home, I have to talk to my husband. I have to pick one.” By that point, it was two years in, I’m still working 60 plus hours a week, I’m trying to build my business on the side. And two years in, I already had a significant team. And so I needed to kind of pick one and obviously, you know which one I picked. Right? One that made me happy, and I had the community, and I had the freedom.

And so I came home and I told my husband, I was like, “I choose this life, this network marketing company.” And he fully supported me. And so it was kind of at that point in March of 2017, I told them that, “Hey, I’m leaving.” I gave my two weeks which ended up being two and a half months because they needed my support in that sort of thing which I gladly gave it. They treated me very well while I was there. So yeah, I

Ray Higdon: How weirded out were people, especially being in a company? Like my last job, I was only there a year so people, it was just like, “Oh, that guy is leaving.” But being there 24 years, were people weirded out?

Stephanie Mize: Oh yeah.

Ray Higdon: Like, “You’re going to do what? What are you doing?” They were weirded out, right?

Stephanie Mize: Yeah. They were absolutely loaded out because in their mind, this is a sure thing. And I will tell you, even being with the same company for 24 years, everybody’s replaceable. Nothing is a sure thing necessarily and so I chose to bet on myself but there were a lot of people too. Well, that was in 17, it’s now 2021, that was four years ago. And I think there were people in the beginning that were like, “Oh my gosh, she’s lost her mind. She’s never going to make it.” And then they see me now and they’re like, “Wow, she actually did it.” And I always say, I am nothing special, I just had a want and a desire to change my circumstances and I went for it. And then I have this amazing team supporting me, with me. So it’s not just me, it’s the support of everybody in our organization.

Ray Higdon: Sure. But, that’s what makes you special, is you went for it. There’s a lot of people that have a dream that don’t go for it. So, did you hear this line because I know I did? I heard from my college professor, from multiple people above me in the corporate chain, “Oh, you’ll be back.” Did you hear that?

Stephanie Mize: I actually did not.

Ray Higdon: You didn’t?

Stephanie Mize: But I’m sure they thought it. I didn’t, I did not.

Ray Higdon: They were nice enough not to say to your face.

Stephanie Mize: They were probably saying it just not to my face, exactly.

Ray Higdon: Got it. Okay, cool. That’s awesome. So, man, what a powerful story. If you’re on here, feel free to share this. How many people need to hear this kind of information? I think it’s awesome. One, what’s possible. Two, just inspiring, you went for your dream.

So sometimes you hear of someone that was homeless and broke and those are great stories too. But let me tell you, there’s a lot of people that have those golden handcuffs. Right? They have that decent salary and a job that maybe they don’t like that much but they’re too scared to leave it that could really get a lot of enjoyment and a lot of benefit from network marketing. So feel free to share this and drop Stephanie some love. So talk a little bit about this project we have going on. What’s got you excited about this?

Stephanie Mize: Oh my gosh. This project, I am so excited. We are actually collaborating, I am collaborating with Ray Higdon, hello! But also so many other amazing leaders in the network marketing industry. And so we are collaborating on a book about social media and I know you’re probably like, “Okay, another social media book.” Right? There’s so many books out there about social media, but I really feel and believe what sets this apart is that it is tangible action steps. So thereader can literally pick up the book, open it, and they can take steps to move their business forward. Would you agree?

Ray Higdon: Yeah, for sure. We have, I believe, I think we’re at like 30, so 30 proven strategies for social media and this book will be coming out soon. It is not out just yet, but it’s called Social Impact and I’m just super excited to be working with rock stars like Stephanie. The guys leading it are Robert Fadden and Christopher Hussey, they do an amazing job. I give some guidance and advice on more of the backend, but it’s been really cool working with yourself and so many other amazing leaders and I’m just really excited. I think people will love this book when it comes out and just really grateful that you’re a part of it and all that you’ve shared.

Stephanie Mize: Oh, thank you so much. I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. So, if you had one piece of advice for the person here, I saw several people comment that they’re working a nine to five, they’re working a job. If you had one piece of advice for the person that’s working a job wants to go full time in network marketing, what would you say to them?

Stephanie Mize: I would say just don’t give up. There are so many times that I’ve wanted to quit, even after I walked away from corporate America. But the truth of it is, as long as you’re showing up every single day and you’re being consistent, you will find success. You can’t just show up and post on social media though and hope that somebody is going to reach out to you and you’re going to build this massive business. You have to be having conversations and you have to be talking to people.

And your dream, whatever that is, whatever got you to the place where you’re dreaming for something more, to have more, to be more, to do more, that was put in your heart for a reason and I want to encourage you, don’t give up on that. There’s a lot of people that are like, people will reach out to me and they’re like, “Well, I don’t have an upline.” And I’m like, “I didn’t have an upline.” Don’t use that as an excuse. There’s people out there like

Ray Higdon who offer his time and can train you and show you the things to do and the things to say, and more importantly, the things not to say. But I think it’s not about making excuses of why you don’t have something. It really is about putting all the excuses aside and really going after your dreams and not giving up until you get where you want to be.

Ray Higdon: Well said. That is amazing. So, I really appreciate you. Congrats on crushing that contest, congrats on creating just an inspiring life of success and impact. And just honored to have you on here and thanks for coming on.

Stephanie Mize: Thank you so much, Ray. I appreciate your time.

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