Sounds weird right? How can you possibly grow a network marketing business without talking about the company you are trying to grow?

This post will share with you intimate details on exactly how we did it to become #1 earners and how you can too!

Grow a Network Marketing Business…that you NEVER Mention?!?

OK, so, if you are new to marketing strategies, this probably sounds very weird to you and heck, date I say that you MAY be skeptical?

Well, it is true, you CAN absolutely build a juggernaut Network Marketing business without ever mentioning the name of your company on social media or on a blog or even in videos AND the crazy thing is…

It is more effective…and, it is SAFER.


I’ll get to that in a second but for now, let’s focus on why it is more effective…

Yes, it is more effective to NOT drop the name of your network marketing company on social media and in videos for several reasons.

  1. MOST people are NOT looking to buy or join anything on social media. When you constantly hammer the company name, product or opportunity you appear like you are constantly pitching it and it turns WAY more people OFF than on.
  2. For the tiny percentage of people that are intrigued by the name or your company or it’s products or services, a very high percentage of THOSE people will google your company BEFORE they reach out to you. We are trained to look for negativity and if your company is of any significant size, chances are, someone out there has published some negative review, blog or video that will get the attention of anyone looking and they very well may dismiss ever reaching out to you and the bad part is, you won’t even be aware they were ever interested!

OK, but why is it safer?

Two reasons:

  1. IF, god forbid, something bad happens to your network marketing company like the FTC coming after it or it closing it’s doors, you don’t have a brand nightmare dealing with people knowing you were associated with that company and you, whether it is fair or not, associating YOU with that failed company.
  2. Compliance. Some network marketing companies want to approve anything that is ever published online that uses their logo, slogan, or company name. VERY few companies enforce this to be honest but this combined with all the other reasons should help convince you that it MAY be a bad idea to constantly talk about your company.

So what the Heck DO you Talk About?

First, you establish this main question:

“Who are you trying to attract?”

Now, I know, that ANYONE can join a network marketing business but the problem is, when you target everyone you truly target no one. You have to identify the type of person you truly want to work with and you can do this by interest.

A common example would be health and wellness.

IF you are in a health and wellness network marketing business then you could talk about network marketing principles OR health and wellness topics. Both work well if done consistently.

You could produce videos, Facebook lives or preferably blog posts about all the different network marketing topics (recruiting, prosepcting, team building, mindset, duplication, etc) OR you could create content around health and wellness (skincare, weight loss, working out, meal preparation, etc) and  you could do ALL of this without mentioning your company name EVER in your content but there is one step that will have you GROWING that network marketing business and that is having a call to action in your content.

Here’s a scenario (that can be applied to any topic or any network marketing business)

Let’s say I am in a network marketing business that deals in weight loss.

I could do a blog titled “7 Quick and New Ways to Reduce your Mid-Section by 1-2 inches”. In that blog post I could talk about foods to avoid, eat, exercises to do, etc and at the very end of it say “I have ten MORE ways to reduce your mid-section, IF you would like this additional download for free, just shoot me an email at ________________”. The download could be a simple word doc or a video you have created.

WHEN someone reaches out to you, you would then know this is a person wanting to lose weight and you connect with them and see how serious they are about losing weight and suggest they start your program.

You could do the EXACT same scenario with ANY network marketing business targeting ANY particular interest. Just swap out the 7 quick and easy ways and the ten more ways to whatever applies to who you are trying to attract.

The only time you are actually mentioning the company name would be AFTER you generated the lead and with that person through email or phone. Very easy to do and we have helped thousands of network marketers do that for their company.

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