How To Breakthrough Being Stagnant

To get out of your rut, it can sometimes happen easily, other times it can take more time and effort. Such as, you might feel stuck in a rut one day and then all of a sudden something in your mind clicks into place and the feeling is gone for good. In other cases, you might need to take more time and put in more effort to get this feeling to disappear.

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Get Out of Your Rut

Get Out of Your Rut

Ray Higdon: Today, I’m doing a coaching session with a Rank Maker Live ticket holder, and it’s going to be super-fun. The cool thing about this amazing lady is, she has somehow… this’ll be her third free coaching with me. She somehow is vibing high and manifesting good stuff. Normally, I don’t think we ever have the same person twice, but we’ve had her three times now. So she is just a manifestation machine, and it’s going to be super-cool.

You may recognize her from such films as… we did, Jess and I did a Laser Coaching with her in our 100k Day, months ago. Then I did a Laser Coaching session with her this past Saturday, and she had won this coaching session prior to Saturday. So here we are. Let’s bring on, now our regular, to Higdon Group Laser Coaching, Rachel Farley. Rachel, what’s going on? How are you?

Rachel Farley: Hey. Good. How are you?

Ray Higdon: Good. I did a coaching session for you on Saturday. How did that go? Has anything clicked since? What has happened since? Maybe just share how… so I’ve done two with you, and then this’ll be the third. How have things changed for you since I started doing these, since I’ve done these coaching sessions with you, or have things changed?

Rachel Farley: Yes. Things have changed. From the first one I now realize, looking back, that I was very much in a victim mindset and I just didn’t know it. Since the last one, I have re-ranked a rank that I hadn’t been able to in months. I’ve also started meditating quite regularly. I can’t say I do it every day. I’m human, sometimes I don’t do it, but probably six days out of seven. I’ve also starting implementing. This is from the last coaching, I had a block about [crosstalk]-

Ray Higdon: Which was a few days ago. It was a Saturday.

Rachel Farley: Right. Right. Since Saturday. Before that, I had a block about implementing things. It turns out that it’s my fear of sacrificing too much… which “too much” to me means my kids… for things to work… or family. Since then, I’ve actually implemented the things that I’ve had on my heart to do, which is things that you teach. So, creating a lead magnet. I’m almost done with mine. Doing a live video a day. I’ve actually implemented that. I do a live video every single day now. The interesting thing is that, yesterday… and I don’t know why, so that might be my question… but yesterday I have been doing all of these things, everything that you teach, and I get about five to ten noes a day. That’s been my goal, to stay steady at that.

Ray Higdon: Yep.

Rachel Farley: I want to push to twenty, but I’m at five to ten.

Ray Higdon: That’s intense. [inaudible].

Rachel Farley: Yesterday, it’s like everything went wrong. It’s the weirdest thing.

Ray Higdon: Sure.

Rachel Farley: Everything. My meditation, could not focus for anything. My body just hurt. It was like, my kids would come in. They never wake up that early, but they came in three times and I was like, “Oh my word.” I finished it, but it was just a mess. Then my husband came home and he was tested for COVID. One of my leaders on my team, she has a major concussion and can’t get online to do anything. It’s just like everything went wrong. I went live on TikTok too at night for the first time ever, posted a video, so that that one would go viral, went live. Went back to see. I had some people on. Went back to see my video. It was starting to go viral, and I realized that I put the wrong phone number on there, one digit off. So I had [inaudible]. So I’m like, “Okay. What is going on?”

Ray Higdon: Nice. Okay. Is that the question?

Rachel Farley: My question is, I feel like something is shaking loose.

Ray Higdon: Yeah.

Rachel Farley: I feel like there’s a lot trying to hold it back. There’s a lot trying to push forward.

Ray Higdon: Yep.

Rachel Farley: In the past year, my volume has stayed pretty much at exactly the same spot. How do I push through? Because I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, but how do I push through that when I have everything around that seems to be falling apart, even though I feel like I’m doing okay.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. Yeah, this is great stuff. It really is. We moved into the new house on Friday, and so Saturday morning, I get up and for the first time since I’ve been steadily doing meditation, so the first time… I’ve lost track, it’s either eight months, nine months. I don’t know how long, but for the first time in this entire time, I have a sneezing attack and I just can’t do it. I’m literally sneezing nonstop. So I just can’t do it.

So, for the first time in a really, really long time, I didn’t do it in the morning, but I did do it that night. That was kind of weird. The next morning, I woke up at three, which I don’t like getting out of bed at three. I like getting up at 3:45 to 4:00. I woke up at 3:00 AM, like, “Okay.” Usually, it works like a charm, I say, “Give me 40 minutes.” I’ll lay down. 40, 45 minutes later, I wake back up.

I wake up three hours later, three and a half hours later. I’m like, “What the hell?” Then I’m rushed, the kids and everything. So for the first time in months… months, and months, and months, months, and months, and months… I do the shorter meditation, which is like a 23-minute meditation. Still good. It was solid, but not my normal, intense hour-ten thing. I think there may have been a third day in there, but I had three days in a row of just weird or not great meditations, or whatever.

Then this morning I got up, I was in the meditation headphones at four, and something crazy happened, which I think I’ve heard people talk about this. I hadn’t ever experienced it, but I felt my pineal gland really kick in. so I’m doing the intense breath and all of a sudden, I start, “Phew!” I’m like, “Where am I? Like, who am I?” I’m like nuts. I’m trying to listen, I’m trying to do the meditation with my eyes wide open. Something really blew up in my head. It felt like a blood vessel or something just exploded. That’s actually a good sign. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about that.

Why do I bring that up? One, consistency, freak of nature, just because I’m consistent doesn’t mean every day is great. I’ve noticed over the last 10 years, for sure, before I ever made a major breakthrough, there was a breakdown. So I remember, we ran our first major event in 2013, Top Earner Academy. I remember, the two nights before that event, Jess and I were crying because we don’t know what the hell we’re doing. We’ve never ran an event like this.

We thought it was going to be like 20,000 bucks or something. The hotel sends us a bill for $140,000. We’re just like, “Oh my God, oh my God, we’re going to lose everything. No one’s going to buy anything.” We’re crying, taxes are due. We’re a mess. That event, it did things that I never thought we could ever do. It was crazy, but if I go back, every major skyrocket moment had a rocket to the face moment prior. So just embrace that.

The only thing that I’ll tell you, and there’s a million ways I could tell you this one, but I’ll share a special way. Hoverson once told me… One of my former mentors, passed away. He told me that he was talking to his pastor, and he said, he goes, “Yeah, man. You know what? I just feel like…” He was telling the pastor this, and this was when he was broke in a trailer, government cheese, everything, he was dead broke.

He kept telling his pastor, he goes, “Yeah, man. You know what? I just feel like I’m turning the corner. Right? I’m turning the corner. I feel I’m turning the corner.” The pastor got up and says, “You know, if you’re turning the corner, you’re just going around in circles.” So, what language I would watch with you is, as long as you say, “I feel like I’m about to have a breakthrough. I feel like something’s about to break through. Something’s about to happen,” then it’s always going to be out in front of you.

So, instead… and this takes training, this takes building the muscle memory, and paying attention, and observing. But when I have a bad thing happen, I look at it as, “Ah, something great. You know, I’m so grateful something great is happening.”

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: I would start just feeling that breakthrough. What would the person say who’s already experienced a breakthrough? They wouldn’t talk about their volume. They wouldn’t talk about something about to happen, because they’re super grateful for it to happen.

That’s what, when I talk about, “Be so addicted to memories of your future, not of your past,” so being grateful for the thing that’s already happened. So, I’m so grateful that my business is booming. It’s so awesome to see so many people winning. It’s so great to know… You start to use negative, supposedly negative things, as actual reminders of gratitude.

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: [inaudible]. It’s being very diligent with our language, of not, “Something is coming.” It’s like, “I’m grateful it’s here.”

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: “This signals that it’s here, and I’m experiencing it, I’m grateful for it,” et cetera. Everything you’re doing is right. Everything you’re doing is perfect. I’ve had many bad meditations, and not just me. One thing that really helped me is hearing Joe Dispenza talk about that.

He talks about how he has bad meditations, even doing this a bajillion years. So just know you’re going to have some bad days with prospecting, bad days with meditating, bad days of working out, or eating, or whatever else. I think you’re on the perfect path. The only thing to change here now, to tweak, is your language. Nothing that we want should be placed in language futuristically.

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: It should be, “I’m so grateful I am becoming…” Let me help you with this. What’s the next rank for you? What’s it called?

Rachel Farley: Director Two.

Ray Higdon: All right. Director Two. Then what’s the next one after that?

Rachel Farley: The one I’m aiming for by the end of the year is Elite One.

Ray Higdon: Elite One. All right. I’ll share something, especially if you’re doing meditation, I think this will work well with you. Do you ever walk around your neighborhood or anything? Are you doing anything like that?

Rachel Farley: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Ray Higdon: Or push the baby stroller?

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: You know?

Rachel Farley: Walk [inaudible].

Ray Higdon: Okay. Walk with the kids?

Rachel Farley: Yes.

Ray Higdon: Okay. You’re holding their hands and stuff, and watching out for them?

Rachel Farley: Yes.

Ray Higdon: Okay. This won’t work for that.

Rachel Farley: Okay.

Ray Higdon: Either it could be stroller, if they’re occupied and not going to bug you every two seconds, or by yourself.

Rachel Farley: Okay.

Ray Higdon: What I want you to do is to walk as-if, okay?

Rachel Farley: Okay

Ray Higdon: This is a walking trance. You do not focus on anything. You look off into the horizon, don’t focus on the street sign, don’t focus on the bird, don’t focus on the tree. You look off into the horizon, and you put your shoulders back, and you just walk as if you’re Elite One, and really feel that. Don’t focus on anything with your eyes. Don’t close your eyes, right? You’ll get hit or something, right? You’ll be able to dodge cars if that happens.

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: Right? Yeah, look off into the horizon and walk as if you are Elite One. What does that feel like? Not that it’s in the future, that you are an Elite One, and just feel, what are people saying to you? What are people posting on social media? Who’s congratulating you? Who’s saying, “You know what, girl, I never thought you could do it, but oh my god, congratulations”?

You feel those emotions as if they’re happening, as if they’d happened, are happening right now. They’re not in the future. You do that, even for five minutes a day, you’re going to have some amazing stuff happen. So, again, wear sunglasses, no one’s going to be able to tell-

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: [crosstalk] zombie out there, right?

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: Wear shades or something, but just head looking off into the horizon, and just walk. Walk as if you are that person that you’ve been wanting to become. You’re that person now. You do that on a consistent basis, that’s going to really, really do some cool stuff for you.

Rachel Farley: Okay. Yeah.

Ray Higdon: You’re doing the tactical stuff. You’re doing the noes, you’re doing the reachouts, you’re doing the Facebook Lives. You’re doing all this different stuff.

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: By the way, so two things I want to comment on, then I’ll roll it back to you. When someone says, “How the hell does she keep getting picked,” I promise it’s not a conspiracy.

Rachel Farley: No.

Ray Higdon: She is just vibing high. I’m telling you, when you’re vibing high and you have clear intentions, weird stuff happens. Synchronicity happens. I remember I was at a… I won’t say his name. Back then, I really looked up to this guru, but I’ve since learned he’s not the greatest, but I remember there was a guru, that when I was coming up, that I really like, “Oh my God, he’s amazing.” I remember I’m in this audience of 1,000 people, and he was throwing this talking towel, and he’s like, “Hey, if you catch this, then, you know, you’ll get to ask me a question.”

So I’m like, “Okay, I’m definitely catching that.” Like I saw it, I saw it coming into my arms. I’m like, “I’m definitely catching this.” On the first throw, went to the front. The second throw, here it comes, boom, just hit me. So when you’re really intentional and really focused on, and seeing it happen, magic stuff happens, the mystical happens. It’s just, she’s vibing high, she’s getting lucky, she’s having things happen.

Then number two, when it comes to a lot of my language in today’s session, I’m using a lot from… I give him tons of shout-outs… Dr. Joe Dispenza. We’re actually working with his doctors and scientists right now to help with his [inaudible]… Actually, I can’t say something, but he has a new project that we’re going to be helping fund. We’re excited about it. So, anything around meditation is not my original content. It’s from Dr. Joe Dispenza. All right, Rachel, back to you. Helpful?

Rachel Farley: Amazing. Yeah. That’s very helpful. I can see that, because visualizing has brought me those coaching sessions, so I know it works. I also have done that in my life before I knew what it even was. I can remember one specific time where it changed my life. That’s why I’m married to my husband. So I know this works, I just didn’t know the language tweak. I didn’t realize I was saying that.

Ray Higdon: Sure.

Rachel Farley: Yeah.

Ray Higdon: It’s interesting because now looking back, because I thought becoming was good enough

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: For most of my career, and because it’s definitely a higher vibration than victim, right?

Rachel Farley: Right.

Ray Higdon: Victim is, nothing can be created. So becoming is definitely better than victim, but I didn’t realize the distinction. Since I now know the distinction, it’s interesting how many other trainers don’t know the distinction either. Because they use them interchangeably. They’re not.

This is a world, this is a different world. They are different planets. They are different time dimensions. They are different, they’re just totally different. So the other thing about the walking trance is, we can get comfortable manifesting and feeling in our meditation with our eyes closed, but the majority of time, our eyes are open. Right? You know?

Rachel Farley: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Ray Higdon: So how are you operating through the world? If I’m walking through the airport, I do it the whole time. The whole time, I’m just in my walking trance, looking off into the distance. Sometimes I got to come to, if someone’s about to smash into me or something. I’m walking to my private jet, I’m being jetted off to a 100,000-person event in a coliseum. I’m feeling that, I’m seeing that, I am that person. That’s not in the future. I think you doing that will, I think, really throw some gasoline on the fire.

Rachel Farley: I’m excited. I’m going to start that today.

Ray Higdon: Nice. Awesome. It was good doing another session with you.

Rachel Farley: Thank you very much.

Ray Higdon: I can’t control if you get picked again. You’re magical. You’re rocking it. Keep us in the loop. I want to track your story

Rachel Farley: Sure.

Ray Higdon: And make sure that you’re rocking it, but I feel very confident you’re going to be crushing it. I really do.

Rachel Farley: Thank you. I appreciate your time.

Ray Higdon: You got it. You got it.

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