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Inside this blog is a way to get Free MLM Leads but you HAVE to be ok with one thing and that is that you will NOT pitch your warm market. Sounds strange? Let me Explain…

Your Warm Market Can Hand You Free MLM Leads

Most network marketers suffer from an inferiority complex and are scared of approaching their warm market for a few reasons:

1. They place their ego and how they look above possibly helping people
2. They don’t have faith in themselves or their product/company
3. They are scared of rejection (closely related to number 1)

So, the ONLY criteria you HAVE to have to use the technique I am about to share is that you HAVE to be OK with NOT enrolling your warm market. If you PROMISE you won’t lose your mind if your warm market gets excited, here is how to get free mlm leads…

How to Ask Your Warm Market for Free MLM Leads

This is a process that diverts rejection and actually raises curiosity in your warm market (but you still have to promise you are not going to try to sign them up). This works really well if you need to produce quickly. Go back to your warm market list (that you hopefully called and pitched at some point in the past) and I want you to call each and every one of them and say this if they answer the phone:

“Hey _____, remember that thing I told you about that I am doing for a side income? Yeah, well, I know it is NOT a fit for you and that is totally cool but listen we have been bringing in a lot of realtors, financial planners and doctors and I wanted to reach out to you, not to see if you are open to it but instead to see if you know someone in one of those professions that might be open to working with some other professionals, making money and having some fun. Most of the people we bring in make decent money but are wanting to have more free time in their lives, do you know anyone I could talk to? And, it should go without saying that I will treat them professionally.”

Here is what will happen. 20-30% of the people will all of a sudden be interested (because you are NOT focused on them) and ask you for more information about your business. STOP. BREATHE. Don’t get too excited here and blow it. Be calm and respond to this 20-30% like this:

“Oh, geez, I was sure you were not interested, well, just curious, why would someone thats a __________(their occupation) have an interest in making extra money or creating more time in their life?”

And then listen, and listen hard. Whatever they say is how you are going to get them to take the next step. Repeat their problems or interest back to them and then provide directions on how to attend a meeting, watch a video, etc.

50-60% of the people will just give you referrals. Thank them and tell them if any of their referrals end up joining you will send them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. If you are NOT sure how to talk to these people, this MLM Prospecting Audio might help you.

Again, the key to this is you HAVE to exhibit restraint from the prospect thinking that you are just trying a different way to pitch them. By the way, the record that I know of is 140 free mlm leads from doing this approach by my good friend Robert Brewer, THAT’S what’s possible!

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