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MLM Training Audio:
Prospecting Tips From A Master

This is one of the most power packed MLM training audios I have ever done on how to prospect to build your business. Quite frankly, you should be paying for this audio as it is so value packed, but, until I change my mind you can download it for free here =)

MLM Training From Derick Benson

You may be wondering, why the heck is Derick Benson? Derick has been in the network marketing industry for 24 years, has made millions of dollars and has worked with the likes of Eric Worre, Randy Gage, Jeff Olson and many, many others. He may be the best prospector I have ever met and I HAD to get him to share the goods in this audio.

What’s Covered in This MLM Training

If you’ve ever struggled with how to introduce your business to someone, this audio will greatly help. Derick’s MLM training teaches you what to say, how to ask the right questions and even how to follow up without saying too much all along the way. (You do know the biggest problem is saying too much right?)

Also inside this MLM training:

– How he uses compliments to build his business
– Why he feels network marketing is better than jobs or small business
– Why he never gets upset by No’s
– How he almost quit after getting 42 no’s as a newbie

MLM Training Audio ==>>Listen Here

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