Maybe this title is a little hard for you to take but the faster you do this, the faster you can empower yourself and change your life. So long as you live in the world of “the victim” where you give away your power and choose to blame the world around you for your current circumstances, you can never have an empowered life. So long as you believe your circumstances came from outside of you, you will continue to be powerless to the circumstances that will keep happening to you. Once you decide that you have the power to attract to you whatever you want to attract, your life changes. You start to realize that things happen for a reason and that the word coincidence doesn’t actually mean anything. There are no coincidences. When you are focused on something that you want, or even something that you do not want, the world around you will bend it’s ear to hear your plight and try to give you a way, path and resources toward that which you focus upon. But the first step, is knowing that your life is the product of your choices!

Ray Higdon
Ft Myers Coach

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