Fort Myers Twitter guy Ray Higdon here and I have some cool twitter tips for you! This blog is geared toward you local business owners and local business marketers.

Fort Myers Twitter Guy tip number one:
Use coupons in your tweets. Coupons with a call to action and with a timeline. This way you can actually track your results. There are numerous stories all over the internet where local business owners are tweeting coupons and getting a great response. Check out this article on how naked pizza is twittering –

Fort Myers Twitter Guy tip number two:
Build your followers! What good are your tweets if hardly anyone sees them? Everyone will tell you to build your followers, start following others and you will get anywhere from a 30-40% follower return, however, there are applications that help you with this. is one of them that will allow you to follow people based on keywords you want that people talk about in their own tweets. If you are a local business, targeting your city names that you cover are smart ways to get local people.

Fort Myers Twitter Guy tip number three:
Wanna find people that would make sense to follow? Searching for people in your niche and then following THEIR followers is a good way, does this mean finding your competition? YES. The easiest way I know to do this is

Hope you enjoy these tips!

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Twitter Guy
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