Fort Myers Speaker, Ray Higdon, wants to start doing more SWFL Law of Attraction Events.

I recently visited my friend Dr Jake Caputo who is a PHD in Metaphysics out of the University of Sedona. As a Fort Myers Speaker, always looking for more education to pass on to people in SWFL looking to live a more powerful and passionate life, I found what I learned from Dr Jake to be extremely powerful and content that I think would make great SWFL Law of Attraction events. Dr Jake lives in the beautiful city of Chicago and I am grateful to have met him and want to know, do you think there should be more SWFL law of attraction events? I am going to try to convince Dr Jake to come down to Florida, I may have an easier time to do this during the winter!

I am doing a SWFL law of attraction event for Free on May 24th but I am thinking as a Fort Myers Speaker I can definitely coordinate more of these if there is an interest. If this sort of thing resonates with you, please comment and let me know.

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Speaker and Marketer