OK, you may be reading this title and thinking, what the heck is Ray thinking? Who puts a title like “Fort Myers Speakers says it may not matter what you know in this economy”? Before you label me crazy, let me do some ‘splaining. As a Fort Myers Speaker and someone who runs a Fort Myers Event company, I get the pleasure of educating and putting together educational events for people all over the country. I have been a Fort Myers Speaker and have been running a Fort Myers event company for years and folks, I have never seen anything like the mentality of people today. Right now I talk to a lot of people that are totally and completely frozen in fear and paralyzed by stress. At several of our last Fort Myers events, I could just see the stress on people’s faces. In my opinion, and I have had several people back me up on this, is, it doesn’t matter what knowledge you have if you are too stressed out to implement it correctly. I know that as a Fort Myers speaker if I go out to the crowd and are stressed out and nervous, it will show and I will not do a good job.

If you are stressed out right now, you need to focus on calming your mind, gaining confidence and having faith rather than finding a magic pill to get more sales, more commissions or more clients. When you calm your mind, you have a clearing for new ideas. You have to get out of your old thinking before a new solution will emerge.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein

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Do you agree? Disagree? I welcome comments on this topic as I believe it will only help people that may be too stressed out to change their situation.

Fort Myers Speaker
Founder – Forever Wealth Club, Fort Myers Event Company