So you are looking for Fort Myers printing services and the question is, how cheap can you get marketing materials? How about free! Here is how I consistently get all of my Fort Myers Printing needs for free. You know how vistaprint always does these 250 business cards for free offer? Well, not all offers are the same! I have found an offer that when you order the free business cards, they start sending you other marketing materials that you can get for free starting on day 2. Follow me on this. When you sign up through this link Unlock Vistaprint Free Account, you get your business cards for free, pay for the shipping and then on day 2 they start sending you email offers for more free stuff where you only have to pay for the shipping. Get this…I have done this over 30 times and ONLY paid for shipping for the following products:

Fort Myers Banner, Fort Myers rack cards, Fort Myers hats, Fort Myers shirts, Fort Myers yard signs, Fort Myers business cards, Fort Myers car magnets, Fort Myers calendars, Fort Myers postcards and more, here is a video of just some of the things I have gotten for free through the unlocked Vistaprint account.

My friend Jon showed this to me and I have to admit I have been hooked! It cracks me up that everyday they send me more and more offers for free! So, if you are looking to get your Fort Myers printing for free, you may want to check out the below banner. Again, to reiterate, it is AFTER you order the free business cards that you will start getting offers on the other Fort Myers printing products that you can get for free.

Ray Higdon
Loves getting Fort Myers Printing for Free!