Lately I have been really impressed with the improvement in Fort Myers Marketing. You see, during the hay days of real estate, some of the Fort Myers Marketing I would see would make me chuckle. Billboards with no phone number or website, magazine ads with only a sexy logo or huge yellow pages ads but no website. Nowadays, those that spend money on Fort Myers Marketing want to look at one and one thing only and that is ROI (return on investment). The past days of just spending money to “get your name out there” is just over. Unfortunately, some businesses have traditionally seen such a lack of ROI that during tough times they decide to pull their Fort Myers Marketing budget, which is sorta like saying I am stuck in the ocean and this life preserver keeps slowing me down so I will throw it away. Companies that pull their Fort Myers Marketing during tough times means they were never doing the right marketing in the first place. Learn from the masters of Internet Marketing, affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and they measure one thing EPC. EPC stands for earnings per click and tells you how profitable your traffic is. You probably already understand that people typically go to Google before they go locate their yellow pages book, what is your presence online?

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Marketing Company Owner