This morning I am waking up at a hotel near Pittsburgh Airport feeling so very thankful. As a Fort Myers Marketing company owner, I get to travel around and help companies either learn or implement their internet marketing strategies. This week I spent the week working with friends of mine in Butler and Pittsburgh, PA. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends around me. I helped my friends with their marketing of their real estate and the marketing of the Pittsburgh Forever Wealth Club. I am a Ft Myers Marketing Company Owner and I also founded the original Forever Wealth Club. Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are awesome, awesome people that I absolutely love and they have a wonderful team of real estate students up here in PA. They treated me so well and I was able to make a lot of great friends and we had some awesome times. Here are some of the highlights:

1) Got to visit my friends at the Morgantown Forever Wealth Club, Todd and Dave, they rock!
2) We launched the Pittsburgh Forever Wealth Club and had a blast!
3) I got to visit a BNI in Butler, then masterminded with Jon and Steph’s students on achieving their goals.
4) Spoke at the Pittsburgh Investors Networking Group on Law of attraction and Google Adwords (cool combination!) Jon and Steph gave me the great present of a Steelers Superbowl jersey (Heath Miller).
5) Visited a Saxonburg BNI where I became friends with John McCool and had breakfast at Kings.
6) Got a tour around University of Pitt from my good friend Brian Snyder, the cathedral, Heinz chapel and Nationality rooms are awesome! And, Brian pointed out some interesting shaped buildings.
7) We partied at the historical and world re-known Lyndora hotel in Butler, PA (their wings are awesome!)
8) Spoke on Internet Marketing all day, then hit a Pirates fireworks game (they actually won!)
9) Had a world famous Primanti Bros sandwich

I am so grateful to have such awesome, awesome friends, I absolutely love the people I met in Pittsburgh, enjoyed the trip and as a Fort Myers Marketing Company owner, I just feel so lucky to be doing the things I love! I love helping people and businesses and meeting great people. Today I head back to Florida and ready to attack the week!

Make it a good one!