I am a Fort Myers coach and I am here to say that no matter where you are in life, don’t stress about it, it’s really not that serious. No matter what current circumstances are showing up in your life, you can always bounce back and be better than you ever were. People have overcome bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, even prison to lead amazing lives and so can you. Stressing and worry about the things that may be going wrong for you right now does no one, especially yourself, any good, so stop worrying!

Know that wherever you are right now, there are ways to have a better life. They could include changing jobs, changing your habits, but the first one is changing your attitude!

Start to feel like you are on the journey upward. You are on the journey toward the things you like to do, toward happiness or at least, a place happier than you currently are.


As a Fort Myers Life Coach I have the pleasure to work with individuals that get that all they want to do is go away from pain and toward pleasure and happiness. It does not matter the current circumstance, change your attitude and start expecting things to get better and THEY WILL!

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Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Life Coach