Today I am reviewing Michael Beckwith and his 6 audio CD set called Life Visioning. As a Fort Myers Life Coach I read a lot to always be on the lookout for new ways I can help my clients and let me tell you, Life Visioning does not disappoint. Michael Beckwith is the most amazing and fascinating person that I have ever personally met and I find his products to be totally congruent across the board with who he really is and how he operates. Life Visioning talks about understanding life and how we are all very powerful beings that can do, be and have whatever we want. On each audio CD Michael Beckwith does a guided meditation and they are all very, very good. The price tag is a little steep for Life VIsioning, and keep in mind there are two different types. I actually bought both as I am such a Michael Beckwith fan but you really want the one with 6 audio CD’s and you can get it online for much cheaper than in stores so check that out.

If you are a beginner or even quite advanced in your spiritual journey, I can still confidently reccomend Life Visioning as it is one of the greatest spirituality tools I have ever come across and have shared it already with many of my friends.

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Life Coach