I am a Fort Myers Life Coach and today I thought I would give some tips on finding a job. Here in SWFL I hear a lot of people saying it is tough to find a job however I do think there are some things you can do to increase your chances of finding one. As a Fort Myers life coach I get to work with a lot of business owners and I know that those business owners appreciate it when people have a different approach than the norm and love to give people chances. Here are some tips that I believe may help you in your quest for finding a job.

Are you in college and preparing to graduate and need to find a job to get into? Try these tips out:
Go after that which you want by asking people centered around your target position out to lunch. Example, if you want to be in the hotel industry, go to the nicer hotels and take the manager or supervisors out to lunch. The higher up the chain you can get, go for them. Tell them you are wanting to be in their industry and you would love to just buy them lunch and ask them some questions. Do not go into this trying to sell yourself, go in with an open mind and listen. If you simply listen, the other person will like you and most likely try to get you a job.

Have you been let go from a current job?
Don’t stress about it. Know that there will always be other jobs and the letting go of you was not personal. Most people in this category spend more time stressing than actually doing something about it. Stressing will only give you more things to stress about. Take a brief amount of time to reflect on how this could be turned into a learning lesson. Perhaps it will lead you to a job you are more passionate about. Know that everything happens for a reason and we are all meant to be happy and live abundantly.

Been trying but just can’t get a job?
Try it different. If you think faxing your resume to employers you find on craigs list is all it takes in this economy, you are wrong. How about getting dressed up, putting on your confident smile and physically going to the locations you want to work at. You would be surprised how employers find this refreshing when anyone does ANYTHING out of the ordinary.

If you read this blog and have other ideas for getting a job, please jot me a comment below and I will gladly post it for others to see.

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Life Coach

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