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Law of Attraction – Segment Intending – By Ray Higdon

I recently read the book titled, The law of attraction, by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It is a very powerful book as it goes into details on how to apply the law of attraction to your life and answers questions I have heard a lot of people ask about the law of attraction. In this book they actually cover several different laws and guidelines that make up the total law of attraction and one I found particularly useful is called Segment Intending.

Segment Intending is taking the time to pre-think each segment of your day for maximum pleasure and success. Up until I read this, I have been solely focusing on my big goals and dreams. Segment intending tells you to pre-think each task that you do throughout the day. Here are some examples that may help you with this concept:

As you get in your car and prepare to drive to a destination, think in your mind about clear, safe roads, green lights all the way, and the perfect parking space awaiting you at your destination. As you are coming toward a traffic light, think green as you stare at the traffic lights. This may seem silly at first but give it a shot and see what happens.

Once you are at your destination, before you get out of the car, think about what would be the best possible outcome of you entering the next situation, or segment, and focus on that very thing happening. Perhaps you are in a commission based job and you are simply going inside to grab a bite to eat. Maybe the best possible outcome is for some stranger to strike up a conversation with you, allowing you to introduce your business and make a sale. If that is the case, THINK IT! I have done this since learning this technique and have had some very strange occurrences; most recently, I imagined that when I went to the gym that someone would ask me about my network marketing company I am involved in. This is a gym I go to everyday, I listen to my IPOD and no one had ever approached me about network marketing. That very day I had the person that ran the counter tell me he had been trying to contact me about my company and he joined my company on the spot!

Now the raw deal of the law of attraction is you get what you want, but unfortunately, you also get what you DON’T want. As you think about best possible cases, take out the negatives. If you do not want to encounter traffic in your travel, do not think about “No Traffic” as you are still focusing on traffic. Think about “Clear Roads”. When you are trying to lose weight, don’t think about “Losing Weight”, think about “Being Skinny”. When you are thinking about financial stability, do not think about “Paying Bills”, think about “Making Money”.

Most of us go through our day and simply let it happen to us. With your knowledge of segment intending, you now know that you can help to mold and shape your day instead of simply allowing things to happen. As you practice this more and more, and see it work more and more, you will get bolder in your thinking and intending and have even bigger things happen to you! Remember the words of Napoleon Hill, What you can conceive and believe you can achieve!

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Ray Higdon
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